Acupuncture is the delivery system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on Taoist Philosophy, although through the centuries, it has developed its own principles as applied to the art and science of medicine. The first to practice it were Taoist priests, and in their view, there were four levels at which one must approach each patient:

  1. The first and highest one is the spiritual level. Assess the patient’s problem spiritually, that is, how they might have lost sight of their purpose, or how they might not feel part of everything else.
  2. The next level is the intellectual one. Explain to the patient his/her problem in detail, the root that is causing it, the consequences of their life style and diet, the workings of their organs, muscles and metabolism.
  3. The third level is the emotional level. Help the patient discover his or her predominant emotion, when it comes, from where it arises and how it is affecting the body.
  4. The fourth level is the physical approach of helping the body directly to correct the flow of energy through the organs and meridians, with the hope that the rest of the individual, i.e. his/her soul, his/her mind and heart will follow.

1 hr sessions: 900 pesos.

Phaedra Barratt
Acupuncturist, BSc, BAcC