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Through the study and practice of Evolutional Astrology, Monica has found a valuable tool for self-knowledge which promotes the search of inner harmony, taking into account our own nature and thoroughly considering the natural cycles of life, showing us a path which facilitates the re-synchronization with the movements of the Cosmos.

In the last few years, Mónica has completed her studies in Crystal Therapy and Quantum Psychology and she’s now an instructor in the Department of Philosophy at the Kardem Studies Center. She’s currently a NCGR certified Third Level Astrologer.

Birthchart analysis. A view of the dynamics and issues of one’s life, with a focus on the optimal paths towards self-fulfillment and happiness. The reading is intended to be uplifting and inspiring, but also deals frankly with more problematic dimensions of one’s experience. This is the reading most first-time clients will want. Cost: 1500 pesos. 

Transits and progressions (your astrological current events). A “current events” analysis, looking at the trends, possibilities, and potentials of approximately the past couple of years and the next couple of years. The time frame varies with the amount of astrological activity occurring in one’s chart. Cost: 1200 pesos. 

Relationship (or Synastry) reading. A consideration of two or more charts from any type of relationship’s perspective, the charts’ interactions and the larger potentials they create together. Please note that we’ll not do such analyses unless we’re assured that all parties have been informed. Cost: 2,100 pesos.

Thematic Analysis Analysis of specific chart-related questions. The potential expression of many different themes within a chart can be addressed: vocation, relationships, creativity, parenting, etc. Cost: 900 pesos.

Astro- evolutionary therapy – Monthly or Seasonal Transits. Events unfolding in your chart can be examined from the more brief and detailed perspective of a limited time frame (rather than the longer time frame of the regular transits and progressions reading). Recommended two sessions per month. Cost: 900 pesos. 2 sessions per month are recommended. 

Business Support. Anything that has a specific beginning in time–including your company–has a birthchart with its own transits and progressions. If you’re researching a large corporation, many of those charts are available. Business support can include but isn’t limited to such matters as: * When to start or incorporate your own company * When to carry out various business decisions * Where to open your next office or branch * When to hire new personnel. Cost: case-based, please inquire. 

Electionals. What’s the best date & time for a wedding, starting a business, moving, putting a house on the market, etc? Parameters can include: the earliest possible beginning date and the latest possible ending date for the event; the possible days of the week within those beginning and ending dates; the possible hours of those days; and the city and state or country where the event will occur. Cost: case-based, please inquire