Azenet Macedo

Healer in the Mayan-Quiché (Guatemala), Shuar (Ecuador) & Northern Lakota Indians’ traditions

Azenet was born in Mexico City. She majored in Media and worked in a newspaper and in a magazine for a few years. Then, ten years ago, she found her spiritual calling in a ceremony performed by her teacher, a Priestess of the Mayaof Guatemala. Her teacher taught her to meditate in the traditional way with the Mayan Calendar, and to work closely with the body’s functions and systems: the brain, the heart, the glands and the DNA.

She travelled to the Amazonia in Ecuador to meet her Shuar tradition teacher, and she began her journey in that path of knowledge. She also received – and still receives, to this day – instruction on the Northern Lakota Indians’ traditions from her teachers.

Part of Azenet’s vision quest took her to Uruguay. The vision quest is a ceremony that takes place for several days in solitude, beneath a tree, in silence, without water, food or human company. The person prays to find his/her life vision; it’s an offering of the heart, where the person receives courage and strength.

Azenets want to share with you the energy of her hands, mind and heart, to heal you and join you in your path, along any situation you’re going through at the moment: if it is a painful one, she will help you get relief; if it is love and light, she will help you in expanding it.

A. Macedo


Office Hours: By appointment


Mexican cell phone: 044.415.108.6158 or 044.415.105.0485


Mayan Massage

Mayan Meditation (for individuals or groups, upon request)

Temazcal (by request only, in groups of 5-13 people; inquire with Azenet)