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David Manning

Life Coach & Certified Retirement Coach

David Manning is an experienced professional life coach with a Masters degree in psychology.   In intense, one-on-one sessions he uses a coaching technique designed to improve his clients’ lives, dramatically and permanently. His unique approach is enriched by his training in polarity therapy, visual thinking, and spirituality. This coaching process is designed to delve profoundly into the client’s deepest wishes, and then to harness the commitment, energy and creativity necessary to bring them into reality. His work is solutions focused and results oriented. Step by step, David helps his clients create the lives of their dreams. 

David is a specialist in coaching individuals who are entering important new phases of their lives, such as the move from professional life to retirement or semi-retirement. His work also includes issues facing gay and lesbian individuals. 

David is a recognized authority in leadership development in the educational field and for 13 years led an innovative program training and certifying public school principals. In 2002 he founded and developed one of the first programs for coaching educational leaders in the United States. He has been a resident of San Miguel for 8 years and is a member of the Life Path Board of Directors. 

Surprising Truth About Coaching:

D. Manning


Office Hours: By appointment


Mexican cell phone:+52.415.154.9837
U.S. phone 512.215.4911

“…you are the coach who challenged me to go beyond where I was, to where I so deeply wanted to be. For your kind words, encouragement, faith and wisdom, I am eternally grateful. Time for more dreams and more action steps.”

Dr. Verna Dean Ruffin

“…David helped to affirm and support my thoughts and realizations. It has been the most life-changing experience I have ever gone through. David just leads and I make the final decisions. And, to me, that is what good coaching is…helping a person from the sidelines and cheering them on when they need a boost. David is a natural at doing that!“

– Joy Huebel

“…The great part about working with David is that he does not give me the answers to my concerns, he helps me figure out the answers myself. He forces me to slow down and think about possible solutions and then determine which solution suits me best…it builds independence instead of dependability.”

Pam Chambers

“The only way this relationship could be more useful would be to have David sitting on my shoulder 24/7!!! He is such a fabulous listener!”

–Virginia Dean