Eduardo Morales

Craniosacral & Polarity Therapist

Eduardo is a wise, experienced healer from Tepoztlan, Mexico. His sessions are the blending of his knowledge of the ancient healing arts and the new age alternative therapies. He is a visiting Practitioner at LifePath Center specializing in Craniosacral and Polarity Therapies.

As a child, Eduardo had the opportunity to have contact with native healers (curanderos) from his town and it was then when he began being interested on alternative healing. He has being teaching and practicing the art of healing for the last 23 years in Canada and Mexico. He is the Founder and director of the Centro de Terapia de Polaridad in Mexico. He studied Polarity Therapy with Health Training Group in Montreal, Canada; where he was certified as a Polarity Therapist. He was trained as a Polarity Therapy instructor and studied Cranio Sacral and Rebirthing Therapies.

Eduardo takes Craniosacral therapy into the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms, as well, using it to assess and address issues in a holistic approach.

E. Morales

General Inquiries


Mexican cell phone: +52.739.395.3009

Office Hours: Visits are announced in our weekly newsletters & in our Facebook page. You can also call 154.8465 in San Miguel de Allende, or contact him directly via e-mail. 

Modalities and Prices

Craniosacral Therapy session (duration varies): 800 pesos. 3-4 sessions are recommended for optimal results. 

Polarity Therapy session (duration varies): 800 pesos. 3-4 sessions are recommended for optimal results. 

A combination of Craniosacral & Polarity therapies is also available. For details and/or bookings, please e-mail Eduardo directly.