Healing Modalities

Feel Really Good – Be Really Well.

One of the oldest definitions of healing is, “the natural process by which the body repairs itself.” The Ancients understood that the body can restore itself to vibrant health, given the proper environment and sustenance.

At LifePath Center, we help you in your own process of self-healing by offering you both cutting-edge and time-proven modalities for getting and staying healthy in body, mind, and spirit.


Acupuncture is the delivery system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on Taoist Philosophy, although through the centuries, it has developed its own principles as applied to the art and science of medicine. The first to practice it were Taoist priests, and in their view, there were four levels at which one must approach each patient:

  1. The first and highest one is the spiritual level. Assess the patient’s problem spiritually, that is, how they might have lost sight of their purpose, or how they might not feel part of everything else.
  2. The next level is the intellectual one. Explain to the patient his/her problem in detail, the root that is causing it, the consequences of their life style and diet, the workings of their organs, muscles and metabolism.
  3. The third level is the emotional level. Help the patient discover his or her predominant emotion, when it comes, from where it arises and how it is affecting the body.
  4. The fourth level is the physical approach of helping the body directly to correct the flow of energy through the organs and meridians, with the hope that the rest of the individual, i.e. his/her soul, his/her mind and heart will follow.

1 hr sessions: 900 pesos.

Phaedra Barratt
Acupuncturist, BSc, BAcC

Astrological Readings Menu

Through the study and practice of Evolutional Astrology, Monica has found a valuable tool for self-knowledge which promotes the search of inner harmony, taking into account our own nature and thoroughly considering the natural cycles of life, showing us a path which facilitates the re-synchronization with the movements of the Cosmos.

In the last few years, Mónica has completed her studies in Crystal Therapy and Quantum Psychology and she’s now an instructor in the Department of Philosophy at the Kardem Studies Center. She’s currently a NCGR certified Third Level Astrologer.

Birthchart analysis. A view of the dynamics and issues of one’s life, with a focus on the optimal paths towards self-fulfillment and happiness. The reading is intended to be uplifting and inspiring, but also deals frankly with more problematic dimensions of one’s experience. This is the reading most first-time clients will want. Cost: 1500 pesos. 

Transits and progressions (your astrological current events). A “current events” analysis, looking at the trends, possibilities, and potentials of approximately the past couple of years and the next couple of years. The time frame varies with the amount of astrological activity occurring in one’s chart. Cost: 1200 pesos. 

Relationship (or Synastry) reading. A consideration of two or more charts from any type of relationship’s perspective, the charts’ interactions and the larger potentials they create together. Please note that we’ll not do such analyses unless we’re assured that all parties have been informed. Cost: 2,100 pesos.

Thematic Analysis Analysis of specific chart-related questions. The potential expression of many different themes within a chart can be addressed: vocation, relationships, creativity, parenting, etc. Cost: 900 pesos.

Astro- evolutionary therapy – Monthly or Seasonal Transits. Events unfolding in your chart can be examined from the more brief and detailed perspective of a limited time frame (rather than the longer time frame of the regular transits and progressions reading). Recommended two sessions per month. Cost: 900 pesos. 2 sessions per month are recommended. 

Business Support. Anything that has a specific beginning in time–including your company–has a birthchart with its own transits and progressions. If you’re researching a large corporation, many of those charts are available. Business support can include but isn’t limited to such matters as: * When to start or incorporate your own company * When to carry out various business decisions * Where to open your next office or branch * When to hire new personnel. Cost: case-based, please inquire. 

Electionals. What’s the best date & time for a wedding, starting a business, moving, putting a house on the market, etc? Parameters can include: the earliest possible beginning date and the latest possible ending date for the event; the possible days of the week within those beginning and ending dates; the possible hours of those days; and the city and state or country where the event will occur. Cost: case-based, please inquire

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda (which stands for ‘life knowledge’ in Sanscrit) or Ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional medicine & vedic system native to the Indian subcontinent and a form of alternative medicine. The oldest known Ayurvedic texts are the Suśrutha Saṃhitā and the Charaka Saṃhitā. These Classical Sanskrit texts are among the foundational and formally compiled works of Ayurveda.

By the medieval period, Ayurvedic practitioners developed a number of medicinal preparations and surgical procedures for the treatment of various ailments. Practices that are derived from Ayurvedic medicine are regarded as part of complementary andalternative medicine, and along with Siddha Medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine, forms the basis for systems medicine.

Recognized by World health organization (WHO), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and others. In last few decades Ayurveda has spread around the world.

Herbal Ayurvedic Massages

  • FACE MASSAGE 1 . Face, Neck, Head, with essential oils 30 min. 450 MXN
  • FACE MASSAGE 2 . Face, Neck, Head. Includes mask. 1 hr. 800 MXN
  • BACK MASSAGE 1. 30 min. 450 MXN
  • BACK MASSAGE 2. Includes Face, Neck, Head. 1 hr. 800 MXN
  • FEET MASSAGE. 30 min. 450 MXN
  • ABHYANGA MASSAGES: Through these synchronized massages, both hemispheres of the brain are harmonized, transmitting a sense of unity between body and mind. Works on the circulatory, lymphatic, emotional, energetic and muscular systems. These massages eliminate physical and mental fatigue, bringing harmony and health. It is complemented with cranial massage, which oxigens and tonifies the pineal and pituitary glands, eliminating mental and emotional tension. 
    • ABHYANGA MASSAGE 1. Whole body. 1 hr. 800 MXN
    • ABHYANGA MASSAGE 2. Whole body, Face, Neck, Head. 1hr30min. 1000.00 MXN
  • SHIRODHARA MASSAGE: A fine current of oil poured over the forehead, giving an effect of profound relaxation while regenerating the whole body, particularly the nervous system. The Shirodhara massage purifies and regenerates the whole body, particularly the nervous system; while rejuvenating the skin. This massage also purifies and enhances all our senses, synchronizing the alpha waves of the brain, improves blood circulation, brings mental clarity, detoxifies the body, releases stress, and regulates neurotransmitters that are responsible for fear and anxiety. Finally, the Shirodhara massage activates the mechanisms of self-healing and balance. 
    • SHIRODARA 1 (with oil and medicinal plants) Includes Head, Face. 1hr15min. 800 MXN. Special Shirodhara 1 Package: 3 SESSIONS for 2,100 MXN.
    • SHIRODARA 2 (with milk and medicinal plants) Includes Head, Face. 1hr15min. 600 MXN. Special Shirodhara 2 Package: 3 SESSIONS for 1,500 MXN.

Testimonial for Shirodara Massage

Thank you very much for the session today. It was very good for me and I appreciate your time with me very much. You are especially good at your job.Thank you very much. The experience was unlike any I have had. – Anonymous



pic_biomagneticoAMedical bio magnetism has been perfected and mastered by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, using magnets (in pairs): one in the positive polarity (south) and one in the negative polarity (north). Using the magnets is to balance the energetic fields and to bring them back to normality. The magnet therapy is a millenary technique which can be used not only to fight viruses, bacteria, fungus or parasites as causes of illness; but also to contrarrest the biological field which sustains them. That means the corporal pH value will be reestablished.

The emotional situation as well as the environment in which the patient finds himself must be taken into account for treatment. The number of sessions depends on the disease; in general three sessions are needed, one per week. In case of chronic diseases or conditions, three months are suggested. It is also indicated for joint or muscular affections such as arthritis and rheumatism; digestive disorders like gastritis, glandular problems and chronic diseases where it is possible to obtain a decrease of the symptoms and a general improvement.

Session 1 hour 15 min / 1 hour 30 min.
Price 450 Pesos

Craniosacral & Polarity therapies combination

A calm mind, the ability to have clear thoughts and a deeply energized & relaxed body are the possible result after receiving a Polarity Craniosacral session. When several sessions are taken, the results can be multiplied.

The Therapist applies a variety of procedures to evaluate the energetic condition of a person. If it is out of balance, the therapist will look for the most appropriate one to help the person to achieve the physical, emotional and mental balance and harmony. Then manipulations are applied simultaneously on different parts of the person’s body (waist, neck, shoulders, feet etc.). The therapist helps to free and balance the energy that may be blocked.

The therapist knows that the energy of a person is in balance thanks to the harmonious sensations that he she perceives on both hands. At the end of an hour session, the person will feel a physical freedom that might be manifested as a better posture, free and deep breathing, and a state of profound relaxation. The therapist will feel similar things since the balance of the Vital Energy is mutual.

Session: 800 Pesos. (Duration varies.)

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle manual manipulation of the back of the head used for diagnosis and for making corrections in a system made up of cerebrospinal fluid, cranial and dural membranes, cranial bones, and sacrum. The technique is somewhat similar to light massage that is aimed at freeing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid to restore balance to the physical and emotional body. It is a method of Complementary and alternative medicine used by massage therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors and osteopaths, who manually apply a subtle movement of the spinal and cranial bones in an attempt to bring the central nervous system into harmony. This therapy involves assessing and addressing the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which can be restricted by trauma to the body, such as through falls, accidents, and general nervous tension.

By gently working with the spine, the skull and its cranial sutures, diaphragms, and fascia, the restrictions of nerve passages are eased, the movement of CSF through the spinal cord can be optimized, and misaligned bones are said to be restored to their proper position. Craniosacral therapists use the therapy to treat mental stress, neck and back pain, migraines, TMJ Syndrome, and for chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, noninvasive manipulative technique which can improve the functioning of the central nervous system, eliminate the negative effects of stress, strengthen resistance to disease, and enhance overall health.

Using a soft touch, practitioners release restrictions in the cranial sacral system to improve the functioning of the central nervous system. Cranial Sacral Therapy has a profound effect in the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Cost per session: 800 pesos. 

Craniosacral Therapy with SomatoEmotional Release

Craniosacral Therapy with SomatoEmotional Release is a gentle, profound and non-invasive approach to whole-body health. It is a physical, emotional and energetic therapy that focuses on solving physiological and emotional problems at their source by using the individual’s inherent self-corrective mechanisms. It has been shown that it is and excelent tool for self-knowledge, enhances general health, reduces accumulated stress, strengthens central nervous system function and improves resistance to disease.

If you suffer from chronic pain or dysfunction; life seems a little difficult to cope with at the moment, or if you just instinctively feel that you are capable of getting more from your body and life, Craniosacral Therapy can be a quick, profound and safe modality that can bring you support and clarity, helping you get in contact with the deeper causes of your condition or situation.

1 session (duration: 1 hour): 800 pesos

Package: 1850 pesos/3 sessions (you can pay in 3 installments of 800 pesos – 1st session; 700 pesos – 2nd session; and 350 pesos – 3rd session)


Se trata de una terapia con Cuarzos (físicos y etéricos). Este tratamiento revitalizador principalmente limpia canales energéticos, activa, equilibra y alinea los chakras (centros de energía). Con varias sesiones ayuda a eliminar dolores crónicos, desequilibrios físicos-emocionales y también ayuda a cerrar fisuras áuricas.

Costo por sesión (1 hr): 450 pesos

Life Coaching & Certified Retirement Coaching

Intense, one-on-one sessions of a coaching technique designed to improve clients’ lives, dramatically and permanently. This unique approach is enriched by the coach’s training in polarity therapy, visual thinking, and spirituality. This coaching process is designed to delve profoundly into the client’s deepest wishes, and then to harness the commitment, energy and creativity necessary to bring them into reality. Coaching that is solutions-focused and results-oriented. Step by step, the Life Coach helps his clients create the lives of their dreams.

Another specialty is working with people who are retired or are considering retirement. When most people think about retirement they only consider planning for their financial futures but there are many other success factors involved, such as work reorientation, health perception, adaptability, directedness, attitude about aging and replacement of work functions, just to name a few .  The goal of a Retirement Coaching process is to help people plan for a future that is meaningful and vibrant in the years they are retired.  The Retirement Coach helps his clients set goals and create action plans for fulfillment of their life purpose in their retirement years.

Cost per session (1 hr): 650 pesos


Mayan Massage

Mayan Massage is a ceremony for the body, the heart, the mind and the spirit. It is based on the wisdom of the Mayan-Cholquij calendar, and its purpose is to harmonize body, mind and spirit with the energy of each day, recognizing the design and sound of power which hels to heighten the vibration of health. This massage is performed using natural oils and also flowers from the rainforest, which help to lift the energy of the body. The person that receives the massage can choose a specific issue or ‘topic’, as the Mayans say, which requires special attention. Then, with the help of the fire and the Mayan elders, the person receives strength, energy and confidence through the hands of the person who administers the massage, in connection with his/her body.

Mayan Massage offers the gift of harmonizing our nervous and immune systems. Because of the intense work with the pineal gland, it is possible to connect with the power of the spirit, thus cleansing all the toxins in our lives, helping us to address fears, sadness, depression, anxiety, lack of purpose or meaning in our own lives.

The sacred instruments are a huge support in this physical and spiritual experience: the drum helps to harmonize the heart, the rattle connects us with the universe and the seeds of the rainforest serve as a link with the spirit of the water.

The healing is performed through the fire, using natural incenses, as well as through an energy cleansing using eagle and condor feathers. Included is a consultation to discover your Mayan birthchart and the ‘Animal Masters’ of this tradition. 

The following types of massage are available

Mayan Healing Massage (2 hrs) – Energetic transformation and quantum leap through the Mayan tradition. Cost: 900 pesos. 

Relaxing & Energetic Massage (1 hr-1hr15min) – Its main purpose is to relax and heal the body/mind/spirit in a lighter level than in the full Mayan Massage. For more detailed information, click HERE. Cost: 650 pesos.

Azenet Macedo
Healer – Mayan-Quiché, Shuar & Northern Lakota Indians’ traditions

Mayan Meditation

Mayan Meditation Workshop at LifePath CenterMayan Meditation offers the gift of harmonizing our nervous and immune system. Because of the intense work with the pineal gland, it is possible to connect with the power of the spirit, thus cleansing all the toxins in our lives, helping us to address fears, sadness, depression, anxiety, lack of purpose or meaning in our own lives.

The sacred instruments are a huge support in this physical and spiritual experience: the drum helps to harmonize the heart, the rattle connects us with the universe and the seeds of the rainforest serve as a link with the spirit of the water.

Cost per class: 100 pesos. More information here.

Azenet Macedo
Disciple of Maya-Quiché & Shuar Traditions


Meditation is a spiritual practice which anybody, no matter their age or religious beliefs, can perform. It also offers multiple benefits for your health, and in many cases it is implemented in the management of life-threatening diseases. Some of the applications of Meditation include: transformation of molecular and genetic structure, reversal of mental illnesses, management of lifestyle, just to name a few. Meditation increases blood flow, slows the heart rate, reduces anxiety attacks, decreases muscular tension, helps in chronic diseases, etc.

Come to LifePath Center and experience this life-enhancing practice!


Nature Therapy

Screen-shot-2011-10-08-at-10.16.57-PMIllness does not exist, but an ill person. A disease is a product of a complex imbalance of the human being, such as physical, moral, emotional, spiritual or collective. Instead of focusing on the disease, Sabina focuses on the human being as whole person, looking for relief and cure through:

    • Chromotherapy – colors in nutrition.
    • Fitotherapy – natural medicine based on plants.
    • Iridology – gives the opportunity to find the disease or corporal defects, emotions in imbalance and others. In many cases it might be possible to find an illness before its physical manifestation. It is possible to see if a problem is an actual or inherited one.
    • Energy – balance of energy flow through Reiki.
    • Nutrition – recognize which is the correct nutritional conduct with help of blood type nutrition or polarity.
    • Exercise orientation.
    • Essences – which can tranquilize or revitalize the being.
    • Naturism – going back to a natural state of a human being, liberating ourselves from all the artificial which surrounds us. Recognize the rhythm of our own being as well as the rhythm of our planet and universe. Realize that nature is perfect.
    • Bach Flowers – flower essences working with your emotions and in the same step your physical problems.
    • Trace elements (minerals) – because of an incorrect nutrition, the body may have a lack of minerals. Correcting this state of lack, many diseases may be cured.
    • Bioenergy – recognizing that we are energy and every being is unique but at the same time connected with the universe. In a state of imbalance we look for the weak element, creating a balance with the elements giving to us by our planet.

For the complexity of nature therapy, time and studies are necessary. It is recommended to take two sessions, each one approximately three hours, unless you have the patience, to make it as one long session. Regarding each case, other sessions might be needed for a follow up, control of progress and/or change of treatments.

6 session package (each session lasting 1 hr)  1200 Pesos
Follow up session 400 Pesos

Iris Diagnostic only (Approximate duration 1 hr) 600 Pesos
Nutrition advice only –  price and duration of session depends on the program chosen by patient

Polarity Therapy


Polarity Therapy is the study and understanding of the energy fields,  currents and centers that are known as Vital Energy. Polarity Therapy consists of application of practical techniques, hands on, to balance these finer energies, lines of force and patterns. Polarity Therapy studies the mind, the 3 Nervous Systems, energies that flow over the Cerebrospinal, the Parasympathetic and the Sympathetic Nervous Systems, the Four Elements and their physical and psychological applications.

In a nutshell, Polarity Therapy is the art and science of stimulating and balancing the flow of life energy within the human being. The term Polarity relates to one of the fundamental laws of nature, namely the attraction and union of opposites through a balanced middle point.

The human body is an energy system like a battery or magnet. It has positive, negative and neuter poles and currents of energy that flow through them. Polarity Therapy concerns itself with the flow of a very subtle high-frequency energy which in the East is called prana or chi—life-energy.

Cost per session (duration varies): 800 pesos. For optimal results, 3-4 sessions are recommended.

Psychological Counseling

Psychological counseling addresses a variety of personal and emotional issues. A licensed professional Psychologist can work with you on issues such as stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression, interpersonal relationships, self-esteem and confidence, attention deficit disorder, incest or sexual abuse, alcohol abuse, and many others.

A Psychologist is trained to listen, understand, and help you with the problems that you may not be able to resolve on your own.

QiGong with Christian

AMICI-6730-MQI GONG (pronounced “Tchi Kong”) is the father of Tai Chi Chuan and its origins go back to the beginnings of the Chinese civilization, from the ancient taoist’s gymnastics of longevity. In fact, Tai Chi Chuan is an inner martial art codified in the 17th century, created from the fusion between martial art’s techniques and Qi Gong. 

QI GONG is part of one of the five branches of the traditional Chinese medicine, and means: “ Control of the vital energy “.It is a traditional Chinese gymnastics whose practice consists of slow and gentle movements, combined with breath exercises and concentration of the mind. This thousand-year-old discipline helps the circulation of the energy through the body.

QI GONG is not a martial art and its aim is always spiritual and therapeutic.

The regular practice of QI GONG:

    • Calms and relaxes the mind
    • Reinforces the neuromuscular system and makes it more flexible
    • Optimizes all the functions of the organism                                                       
    • Supports the immune system and sustains the strengths of self-recovery            
    • Guarantees good health and vitality

QI  GONG is a practice for everybody, regardless of gender, religion, age of physical condition. 

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 11:30am-12:30pm. Cost per class 120 pesos. More info here.


Reiki is a form of healing and support to change the conduct and attitude which are causing the disease. Reiki is part of the techniques that use energy to cure. The treatments are divided in sessions, each one of approximately 50 minutes, but this depends on the need of each patient.


For best results, the treatments are scheduled in blocks of 4 sessions, as Reiki mostly starts working in a progressive way and the results normally appear with the second or third session. It is important to mention that the Reiki therapy has been officially recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) because of its positive results. Reiki is used in hospitals in different countries, especially in the U.S. as it accelerates recuperation after surgery, improves mental attitudes and reduces the negative effects of medicine.

Session (aprox. 1 hour/ 1 hour 15 min.) 450 Pesos

Relaxing/Energetic Massage

Basic RGB

  • Eliminates muscular tension, as well as chronic pain and stress.
  • It incorporates meditation.
  • Deep work on back and feet.
  • It strengthens the heart, the immune system, and the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Duration per massage: 1hr-1hr15min. Cost: 650 pesos.

Azenet Macedo
Healer – Mayan-Quiché, Shuar & Northern Lakota Indians’ traditions

Sanación con Ángeles


En esta modalidad se canaliza y se trabaja con la energía angelical. Con esta energía sanadora se tratan los cuerpos sutiles y otras energías involucradas con ellos y el cuerpo físico. Se llega al origen de la situación y se le proporcionan al paciente herramientas para ir liberando energías estancadas, heridas emocionales y bloqueos que impiden manifestar la salud psíquica y física.

Esta sanación se lleva a cabo por medio de la guía y del amor incondicional de los reinos angélicos y seres de luz. El Amor incondicional es una parte importante dentro de este tratamiento, pues a través de él se transmuta. Al final se entrega un mensaje de los Ángeles.

Costo por sesión (1 hr): 450 pesos

Sanación Cuántica

Esta terapia actúa en los niveles del campo cuántico ayudando a modificar memorias celulares, sistemas de creencias, provocando activaciones, cambios y transformaciones, dependiendo del proceso que necesita vivir cada persona.

Durante la sesión de Sanación Cuántica también se produce una limpieza y equilibrio de chakras y canales energéticos.

Los terapeutas sintonizan con la Energía Universal y transmiten vibraciones de Luz Cuántica a través de las manos sobre el cuerpo físico y las capas áuricas de la persona.

Se trata de una terapia anti-dolor que también puede aliviar síntomas y desórdenes tales como: agotamiento, inseguridad, bloqueo, desequilibrio energético-emocional, estrés, miedo, angustia, depresión, ansiedad, etcétera.

Costo por sesión (1 hr): 450 pesos

Terapia de Bach (disponible sólo en Español)

Flores de Bach, también llamadas remedios florales de Bach o esencias florales de Bach, es la denominación genérica y comercial de un conjunto de 38 preparados artesanales no farmacológicossímil-homeopáticos, elaborados a partir de una decocción o maceración en agua de flores maduras de diversas especies vegetales silvestres o naturalizadas de la región de Gales y la Inglaterra contigua, diluida en brandy (destilado del vino, usado como medio conservante). 

«Flores de Bach» es un epónimo referido a su creador: el médico inglés Edward Bach (1886-1936), quien inventó y desarrolló estos preparados en la década de 1930, entendiendo exclusivamente su uso en una modalidad terapéutica —conocida actualmente como terapia floral.

El uso de las flores de Bach está destinado a aliviar desequilibrios psicoemocionales y de carácter (tales como miedo, impaciencia, angustia, incertidumbre, ira, confusión, intolerancia, timidez, entre otros) para influir o prevenir padecimientos físicos y/o psíquicos (enfermedades). Básicamente, Bach concibió el uso de sus remedios basándose en la hipótesis de que las enfermedades son consecuencia de trastornos o desequilibrios de la dimensión emocional-mental de la personalidad producto de un conflicto Alma-Personalidad. Este tipo de ideas forman parte de la concepción mística de Bach sobre la salud-enfermedad.

Es un tratamiento natural y suave que permite reconocer estados de ánimo, cuanto más preciso sea el análisis de tu problema y mejor describas tus sentimientos, Se fortalece la capacidad interna para trabajar la cualidad o aspecto positivo al equilibrio y armonía. 

2hrs. 800 MXN


Thai Massage

26 estiro pantorrilla

Thai Massage is a deep body work that helps restore our vital energy and re-balance our physical, mental and emotional aspects. The techniques used are pressure and stretching.

65 estiramiento espaldaIts origins lie in India, from where it incorporated posture and passive stretching resembling yoga movements, that allow us to regain flexibility and reach a very deep state of relaxation. Thai Massage was also influenced by traditional Chinese medicine and integrated principles of acupuncture with energy points and pressures in several key areas of the body.

This Massage has considerable preventive and therapeutic benefits. When received on a regular basis, it produces a clear improvement of the nervous , respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and immune systems; it relaxes areas of tension throughout the body; raises the level of energy; increases flexibility, and releases energy and physical blocks.

1 session (duration: 1hr): 650 pesos
1 long session (duration: 1hr15min-2hrs): 800 pesos


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Yoga is not only a way of keeping your body healthy and your mind at ease…it’s an entire approach to life. Experience the joy of any of our Yoga classes, taught by the most outstanding Teachers in San Miguel de Allende, and see for yourself what a positive difference Yoga can make in your life!