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Marcela García Ramírez

Ayurveda Healer

Marcela was born in Mexico City, and she grew up in an atmosphere that favoured self-improvement and human quality. Since giving birth to her two children, she felt the responsibility of raising them in close contact with nature. In the 1980s and on her own, Marcela began studying Nutrition, Herbology, Meditation, and all kinds of disciplines linked to physical, mental and emotional health.

During her first trip to India in 2000, she had the opportunity to begin learning Ayurvedic and Tibetan Medicines. Both of them attracted Marcela’s attention because they focus on the educational and preventive aspects of health, rather than on just treating sickness. Since then, Marcela has continued to travel and study, and has become a specialist in Traditional Ayurvedic Massage from India; which works on the relationship between body and emotion. The physical contact necessary for the massage is vital for a person’s well-being., because the elements that are found in nature are also found within the human body.

M. G. Ramírez


Office Hours: By appointment


Mexican cell phone: 044.415.106.1077


Herbal Ayurvedic Massages

  • FACE MASSAGE 1 . Face, Neck, Head, with essential oils 30 min. 450 MXN
  • FACE MASSAGE 2 . Face, Neck, Head. Includes mask. 1 hr. 800 MXN
  • BACK MASSAGE 1. 30 min. 450 MXN
  • BACK MASSAGE 2. Includes Face, Neck, Head. 1 hr. 800 MXN
  • FEET MASSAGE. 30 min. 450 MXN
  • ABHYANGA MASSAGES: Through these synchronized massages, both hemispheres of the brain are harmonized, transmitting a sense of unity between body and mind. Works on the circulatory, lymphatic, emotional, energetic and muscular systems. These massages eliminate physical and mental fatigue, bringing harmony and health. It is complemented with cranial massage, which oxigens and tonifies the pineal and pituitary glands, eliminating mental and emotional tension. 
    • ABHYANGA MASSAGE 1. Whole body. 1 hr. 800 MXN
    • ABHYANGA MASSAGE 2. Whole body, Face, Neck, Head. 1hr30min. 1000.00 MXN
  • SHIRODHARA MASSAGE: A fine current of oil poured over the forehead, giving an effect of profound relaxation while regenerating the whole body, particularly the nervous system. It also rejuvenates the skin. This massage also purifies and enhances all our senses, synchronizing the alpha waves of the brain, improves blood circulation, brings mental clarity, detoxifies the body, releases stress, and regulates neurotransmitters that  are responsible for fear and anxiety. Finally, the Shirodhara massage activates the mechanisms of self-healing and balance. 
    • SHIRODARA 1 (with oil and medicinal plants). Includes Head, Face. 1hr15min. 800 MXN. Special Shirodhara 1 Package: 3 SESSIONS for 2,100 MXN.
    • SHIRODARA 2 (with milk and medicinal plants). Includes Head, Face. 1hr15min. 800 MXN. Special Shirodhara 1 Package: 3 SESSIONS for 1,500 MXN.

Terapia de Bach
Es un tratamiento natural y suave que permite reconocer estados de ánimo. Cuanto más preciso sea el análisis de tu problema y mejor describas tus sentimientos, Se fortalece la capacidad interna para trabajar la cualidad o aspecto positivo al equilibrio y armonía. 2hrs. 800 MXN.