María Romero Psychotherapist LifePath Center San Miguel de Allende

María Romero

Psychotherapist, MA

For Maria gentleness is the basic energy of the universe and of any healing process, as it encompasses presence, connection, flow: a total synchronisation with the natural rhythm of life. In her approach consequently the therapist comes to be a devotional accompaniment, a caring aid that will help to reflect and agitate the essence of the client until it finds its way to emerge.

Maria knows that each client is unique, treatment is carefully designed together with you to ensure the best long lasting results. Her sessions may include apart from the elements of traditional psychotherapy various instruments like: Mindfulness, Herbal Medicine, Indigenous Spirituality, Ecopsychology, Art, et.

Maria was born in Mexico but has lived half of her life around the world learning and working in a broad variety of settings, experience that has deeply enriched her personally and professionally. She earned her BA in Psychology from Kent State University and has several degrees and specialisation courses, some of them are: Schema Therapy (USA), Pharmacology BS (USA), Early Childhood Development (USA) Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies MA (Austria), Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (Argentina-Mexico), Psychodrama (Argentina), Sound Therapy (Argentina), Sociology PhD (Argentina), Brief Strategic Therapy MA (Argentina-Mexico), Herbal Medicine (Mexico).

Maria has more than 10 years of experience working with anxiety, depression, addictions, psychiatric medication detox, eating disorders, family/relationship/gender issues and trauma.

M. Romero


Mexican cell phone: 415-1055621

Office Hours: By Appointment


60 min sessions: 800 pesos.

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