Mayan Massage is a ceremony for the body, the heart, the mind and the spirit. It is based on the wisdom of the Mayan-Cholquij calendar, and its purpose is to harmonize body, mind and spirit with the energy of each day, recognizing the design and sound of power which hels to heighten the vibration of health. This massage is performed using natural oils and also flowers from the rainforest, which help to lift the energy of the body. The person that receives the massage can choose a specific issue or ‘topic’, as the Mayans say, which requires special attention. Then, with the help of the fire and the Mayan elders, the person receives strength, energy and confidence through the hands of the person who administers the massage, in connection with his/her body.

Mayan Massage offers the gift of harmonizing our nervous and immune systems. Because of the intense work with the pineal gland, it is possible to connect with the power of the spirit, thus cleansing all the toxins in our lives, helping us to address fears, sadness, depression, anxiety, lack of purpose or meaning in our own lives.

The sacred instruments are a huge support in this physical and spiritual experience: the drum helps to harmonize the heart, the rattle connects us with the universe and the seeds of the rainforest serve as a link with the spirit of the water.

The healing is performed through the fire, using natural incenses, as well as through an energy cleansing using eagle and condor feathers. Included is a consultation to discover your Mayan birthchart and the ‘Animal Masters’ of this tradition.

The following types of massage are available

Mayan Healing Massage (Cost: 1250 pesos – approx. 1 hr 50 min) – Energetic transformation and quantum leap through the Mayan tradition. 

Masaje Curativo Maya (Costo: 1,250 pesos -aprox. 1 hr 50 min) – Está es una hermosa ceremonia para ti, transformación energética, tiene el poder de alinearte, curarte y liberarte; incluye masaje, aceites curativos, agua de flores de la selva y limpieza energética con instrumentos sagrados.

Relaxing Mayan Massage (Cost: 900 pesos – approx. 1 hr 20 min) – Its main purpose is to relax and heal the body/mind/spirit in a lighter level than in the full Mayan Massage. For more detailed information, click HERE

Masaje Maya Relajante (Costo: 900 pesos – aprox. 1 hr 20 min) – Masaje un poco más suave y menos intenso; para soltar tensiones, relajar la mente y alinear el cuerpo.

Azenet Macedo
Healer – Mayan-Quiché, Shuar & Northern Lakota Indians’ traditions