Mónica Garciadiego

Monica Garciadiego


Born in Mexico City, Monica has devoted her whole life’s professional work towards the research and study of health from a holistic perspective. In 2001 she began her studies to become a professional astrologer, affiliated to the National Council on Geocosmic Research (NCGR). In 2002, along with Carlos Saldaña, she founded the Otlana Center in Mexico City, devoted to Holistic Medicine, astrology and the practice of “The mind of Light”. The objective of the Otlana Center is to offer a space for study, knowledge and practices which allow us to open our conscience and elevate our spirit towards the integral recovery of the Joy of Living.

Through the study and practice of Evolutional Astrology, Monica has found a valuable tool for self-knowledge which promotes the search of inner harmony, taking into account our own nature and thoroughly considering the natural cycles of life, showing us a path which facilitates the re-synchronization with the movements of the Cosmos. In the last few years she has completed her studies in Crystal Therapy and Quantum Psychology and she’s now an instructor in the Department of Philosophy at the Kardem Studies Center. She’s currently a NCGR certified Third Level Astrologer.

M. Garciadiego


Office Hours: By appointment

Email: monica@lifepathretreats.com

Mexican cell phone: 044.415.115.3962


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