Treat your body, mind, spirit and achieve inner balance!

Serving the international community for almost two decades, LifePath Center offers guest rooms, healing modalities, classes, workshops, and retreats in a setting of incomparable beauty and serenity.

Heal, relax, and rejuvenate through our healing modalities and classes such as yoga, qigong, tai chi, massage, craniosacral therapy, reiki, acupuncture, meditation, psychology, and so much more. All of our practitioners are experts in their respective fields.

You don’t need to receive a healing service or take part in a retreat program in order to stay at LifePath Center. We have five gorgeous guest rooms where you can make yourself at home and simply spend the night with us. We just want you to enjoy yourself!

Whether you wish to drop in for a class, schedule sessions with our practitioners, or stay at our B&B, our purpose is to make you feel the best you have ever felt and to help you hold on to that state of mind, body, and spirit.


…a warm intimate B&B style experience, where you can enjoy – either by yourself or with company – all that is good and beautiful about life, conveniently and centrally located on a beautiful off the street walkway with everything you need to have a terrific vacation, whether it’s just for a weekend, for a week or a month! All of our services, including private sessions with our Practitioners, attendance at Classes and Workshops, and other activities of the Center may be arranged ahead of time, or when you arrive here.

If you are looking for a place to retreat and address any physical, psychological and/or spiritual needs, contact us so we can let you know how we can help design a custom-made retreat for you and/or your group!

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LifePath Center

  • Welcome Monica Pansza to LifePath! Pair Biomagnetic Therapist
  • Welcome Tonya Borisov to LifePath! Counseling Services
  • Sitting at the Edge - For Experienced Meditators with...
  • Kaiut Yoga with Terry Vandiver
  • Welcome Stephane Birnbaum to LifePath! Zen Shiatsu Therapist

Groups & Classes

  • Sitting at the Edge - For Experienced Meditators with...
  • Kaiut Yoga with Terry Vandiver
  • Heart Alignment Yoga with Enicia Fisher
  • San Miguel Salon with Allen Zeesman
  • Gentle Yoga with Ratna
  • The Brain Exchange
  • Enneagram Groups
  • Qi Gong with Cristian
  • Yoga Classes for All Levels with Anabel
  • Tai Chi with Robert
  • Awakening to Pure Awareness: Non-Dual Meditation

What people are saying about us

  • The Hero’s Journey Retreat was a terrific experience for me personally, and as a couple, with my husband.  I have been to so many programs like this over the years, but this experience was truly one-of-a-kind—unique—an elegant and powerful combination of psychology, mythology, dream therapy and body work in an incredibly spiritual and artistic setting, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

    Barbara Swartzman
    Dallas, Texas
  • Within the beautiful and tranquil environment of LifePath Center, I found the much-needed quiet space for both my creative work and my meditation practice. Taking a personal retreat at LifePath has been a real gift for my mind and soul.

    Stefanie Glick
  • My experiences with a multitude of practitioners at LifePath Center have helped me find and follow my personal growth path better than anything else to which I have ever been exposed.

    Ben Pitre
  • “The Life Path Retreat facilitated my release of a long standing block, related to the
    experience of sexual violence and abuse. The framework of the program and the loving
    support of the group, allowed me to gently explore this sensitive area. The model is
    brilliant and the breakthrough was profound. I encourage you to give yourself this
    priceless gift.”

    Susan Anderson
    Teacher, Dallas, Texas
  • “The PROCESS is absolutely amazing. The metaphor for the ‘call to journey’ truly
    expounds the deal itself. I was called, as I’m sure we all are (if we just listen), toward
    the group in San Miguel. I knew that I had something to do there, and that was
    certainly more than just the usual tourist stuff. Upon arrival, I was graciously greeted.
    And so, my journey began.
    Though eager to see the end result, I was magically guided by the retreat facilitators to
    simply be ‘in the moment’. It’s so astounding how the universe seemed to coincide
    with the words of both Beverly and Joseph throughout the experience. I did indeed feel
    compelled to enter into my own inner world, slay the dragons within, and come out
    into the light. And I did. I have conquered my inner blocks that have kept me from
    being my true, most joyous self! Yes, it takes constant reminders that I need to do so;
    but I have in fact done it. It was the most powerful experience of my life.
    Overall, my life has simply been transformed based on my experience with Life Path
    Retreats. It is a journey we must all take if we are to really grow.”

    Kyle Coker
    Homemaker, Austin, Texas
  • I recently stayed at LifePath Center for a self-guided retreat.  The center is calm, serene, beautiful and close to the town center.  Everyone I encountered was warm, gracious, professional and exceedingly hospitable.  This supportive and peaceful environment allowed me to take the time I needed to have some overdue and essential conversations with myself and Spirit.

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Being at LifePath Center was for me a ‘journey within a journey’—and it was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I was able to see clearly some of the blocks I put in my path, and through the wisdom of  three of the LifePath Center Practitioners, I was able to move past them. I feel much clearer about where I am going now. Thank you, LifePath!

    Geoff Grayson
    Mill Valley, CA
  • “I was in ‘burn-out’ — big time. I had worked for three dot-coms in three years, and
    they all had gone bust. I was on a career roller coaster…and feeling queasy. I went on
    a LifePath retreat to try to get my life back on track. It was just what I needed. When I
    looked at my life, I discovered that I had always wanted to do more with my musical
    abilities. I had buried that talent so that I could ‘get ahead’ in the business world. Now
    I see that I can do both — and since my retreat, I actually am turning my music,
    which is my ‘bliss,’ into a successful business.”

    Jim Rittenhaus
    Recording Producer, Los Angeles
  • I attended two classes and saw two Practitioners at LifePath Center while I was visiting San Miguel. I came away from this experience with all the power, energy and knowledge that I needed to live a spiritual life of meaning and healing.  I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is truly ready to journey into the spiritual realm.

    Bill Brodsky
    Boulder, CO
  • In a magnificent, serene setting, I experienced the most powerful transformative process of my life. This from one who has “been there, done that” for forty years. The Hero’s Journey guided retreat is a process that works, led by two brilliant “travel guides”.

    David McClure
    Senior Minister, Unity Church of Dallas, Dallas, TX
  • LifePath is a term that points to the great challenge of all human existence: the need to question, each in our own way to the greater possibilities that life presents. LifePath Center professionals listen and guide us to the greatest happiness that awaits us all.

    Warren Hardy
    Warren Hardy Spanish, San Miguel de Allende
  • Beverly, Gary and I just celebrated our tenth anniversary and we could not have done so without all of your help, advice and working with us. I just want to tell you a great big thank you from my heart! We use what we learned from you daily and it has made such a huge difference in our relationship. It has also made our relationship with the kids better.

    We are living about seven months in San Miguel and the winter months in Puerto Vallarta which we are enjoying a lot.

    Take care and please know how very much we both appreciate the interest you took in us and for believing it could be so good. It very much is!!!

    Christina Ruckel
    San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  • “When the company I worked for went under, I felt anger, then panic. I had always
    defined myself by my job. Now I was lost and confused about what step to take next.
    Fortunately, a friend told me about LifePath Retreats. During a five-day guided retreat,
    I was able to get clear about where I had been, and where I was going with my life.
    After my retreat, I feel tremendous new energy. I’ve not only got a new position with a
    new company, but I’ve also taken my career to a new level. LifePath Retreats works.”

    Paul Evans
    Investment Counselor, Albuquerque
  • “I had been looking for just such a program to help me get over a relationship — and
    get into a new one. Going through the LifePath Retreat helped me to see where I had
    been (not good territory for me, as it turned out), and where I would like to go (hey, it’s
    my future and my life). A month after the retreat, I had closed the door on the old
    relationship — and the ‘old me’ — and found the soul mate I had been looking for all
    my life.”

    Linda Neighbors
    Physical Trainer, Phoenix, AZ
  • LifePath Center is a wonderful resource of San Miguel. The center offers a broad, creative range of classes, therapies, and programs to nurture so many aspects of the human experience.  Two highlights for me have been Beverly’s enriching Enneagram classes and the profoundly inspirational silent retreat, lovingly facilitated by Joseph, at the nearby Benedictine monastery.  Never has silence sounded so good!

    Saba Boctor
  • Thank you for your hospitality while we three (Carol, Mavis, and I) stayed at your heavenly LifePath Center! I so enjoyed every moment there. Your place is so inviting and always very neat and clean.  Great service and accommodations. I truly will be back at some point—I’m not sure when that will be, but I am sharing and recommending LifePath Center to friends and family.

    Your dog, Sophie, helped me to not be so homesick for my cocker spaniel…thank you, Sophie.

    Lorna A. Doone
    Portland, ME
  • I had the profound honor participating in the retreat, “The Hero’s Journey”, from Dr. Beverly Nelson at a time of my life when I was in the most despair. I had just closed a much-loved business, an independent bookstore, in California, and was at a loss as to what to do with my life. I was an expat recently moved to San Miguel de Allende where I thought I would be happy, but the reality was that I was depressed. “The Hero’s Journey” retreat turned my life around towards purposeful living by helping me courageously face my sorrow at the loss and having faith in myself to go forward. What I most appreciated was the deep humanity that penetrated every process that we were engaged in. Dr Nelson was compassionate, honest, validating, and funny, which I greatly appreciated, as much as the other qualities. If I was facing another life challenge, I would do this program again in a heartbeat!

    Patrice Wynne
    Abrazos, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  • Through a full range of services including workshops, retreats, and counseling, LifePath Center has helped become my best self and live my best life.

    Randy Siegel
  • I made a retreat by myself at LifePath Center, with the guidance of Beverly. What a wonderful experience! It helped me to understand that I had many more options to create the rest of my life with awareness and joy.

    Marina Sol
  • “A LifePath Retreats is a ‘journey within a journey’ — and for me, it was exactly what I
    needed at exactly the right time. I was able to see clearly some of the blocks I put in
    my path, and through the wisdom of the program I was able to move past them. I feel
    much more clear about where I am going now. Thank you, LifePath Retreats!”

    Kate Graybill
    Graphic Designer, Mill Valley, CA
  • “In my corporate position, I had more than 400 people under me — which may sound like I was a pretty powerful person. But, after twelve years, going to the office every day got to be a chore, then it got to be hell. I wanted more out of life than just hiring people, firing people, and shuffling paper around. When I did a LifePath retreat, I saw my whole life laid out before me — and I found a thread of creativity that I had always had, but had never tapped. Today I’m pursuing my first love — being a writer — and it is paying off…I have an agent, and a book contract. I could never have experienced this big of a career shift if I hadn’t had done a LifePath retreat. I’m forever grateful.”
    Monica Adamson
    Writer, New York

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