Alex and Jorge have Joined LifePath! Archangel Mapping, Essential Transmutation, Tarot, Massage

Contact Alex and Jorge by email at or

by phone or WhatsApp at +52.1.554.795.1640 

Appointments available from Tue to Sat,

10:30 am to 7:30 pm 

Languages: Español and English


ARCHANGEL MAP BASIC READING (with Alex alone or with Alex and Jorge)

The Archangel Map Reading is one of the most powerful means to decode a person’s true destiny and the essential calling of their souls. By connecting directly to the Archangels, you will become clear as to what Archangel Tribe (or Family) each of us belongs to, along with the attributes of our particular family: beginning with personal abilities, our unique perception of the meaning of life, the purpose of being in this world, our values, the way we express love and affection, what will nourish our beings, what our challenges are and also our life lessons. Along with the leading Archangel, a consultant can also learn how many Archangels work directly in his/her lifetime as secondary assistants to address all subjects ranging from personal finances, creativity, work opportunities, inspiration, evolution, relationships and even aspects of our personal health. The basic reading is an introduction to knowing the essential elements of the Archangel Map. The session is recorded and delivered as a Power Point Presentation and MP3 audio.

Duration: 90 minutes (longer if combined with Jorge’s Shiat-Su massage, which is highly recommended)
Price: 2,200 MXN without massage, 2,900 MXN with massage


This is also an original compound of techniques developed by Alex Slucki which has evolved over the course of 20 years. The Essential Transmutation sessions are recommended when a person is committed to working to de-congest any given subject that is creating stress, chaos, or a feeling of being stuck in subjects that range from health to finances to interpersonal relationships.  It is an “alchemical” work that involves finding through Intuitive Coaching what the heart of the matter is, designing a new Life Contract and bringing to life by means of creative visualization, breath and the connection to the Higher Self to get rid of old fears, programming, feelings of non-deservedness, doubt and being able to recognize how it is a person is boycotting his/her own dreams. The session consists of two parts: the Mentoring and the Massage. This is programmed this way to avoid healing crisis (especially in the physical) and to accelerate results in whichever theme is being addressed.

Whoever wishes the Essential Transmutation Experience must commit to AT LEAST FOUR CONSECUTIVE SESSIONS.

Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours
Price per session:  $2,900 MXN (1,000 MXN discount when 4 sessions are paid in full)


The Zen Tarot is a beautiful way to bring harmony, clarity, healing and integration in the Now. The Zen philosophy always invites us to a journey within, seeing the cards as a mirror to our soul and our personal journey on this Earth. The Five elements reflected in the cards serve as a background to interpret what the person needs to understand about his/herself in the Now Moment to access more flow in life, get rid of old habits and negativity, enter the realm of inner peace and take responsibility for his/her behaviors and choices. It is important to make clear to the client that Tarot is not used here for prediction, but to see the pathways that better lead to be joyful about our own creation and achieve a state of balance between body, heart, mind and spirit.

Duration:1 hour
Price: 1,500 MXN


Shiat-Su Plus has been developed by Jorge Medina as unique method which combines the traditional Shiat-Su but adapted to a massage table to work with several techniques combined as deemed appropriate according to the client’s needs. Shiat-Su uses soft accu-pressure in the energy channels of the entire body, which nurture wellbeing to the different and most important areas that have to do with our internal organs. Shiat-Su works to relieve stress, pains and ailments by reestablishing the flow in each channel, whether it be energy for the heart, lungs, liver, bladder, colon etc and the Plus aspect of this work is Jorge’s ability to “read” the client’s body and adapt his technique to that particular body’s need. The session involves a brief interview with the client to be clear about his/her special needs. We ask every client to bring clothing that is light colored and a light fabric such as cotton (pajama-like or sweat pants and t-shirt is ideal).

Duration: 75 to 90 minutes according to need
Price: 900 MXN

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