Sacred Earth Wisdom – Journey of the Heart & Soul to the Healing Sites by Anna Watts

July 3, 2017 at 4 pm

Location: Biblioteca, Insurgentes 25, San Miguel de Allende in the “Sala Quetzal”

Cost: Free

Drop-ins Welcome

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In recent years there has been a huge growth in world travel and the numbers of people visiting remote spiritual sites all over the planet.* This may simply be due to the internet making it more accessible to discover and visit exciting new places, with long distance travel more affordable than ever; or could it be these ancient places are calling us to experience their powerful energies and wisdom?

Many sacred sites around the world are steeped in the history of the ancient peoples who understood the significance of the Earth’s power points. Often located where ley lines cross in the landscape, these gathering places of the earth’s energy were considered to be multi-dimensional portals to higher consciousness.

The most significant of these places can be viewed as the Chakra System of Mother Earth, powerful vortexes which allow us to access the symbolic messages of healing contained within their energy field.

In her new book ‘Sacred Earth Wisdom’, Australian energy healer and author, Anna Watts, reveals the power of visiting the healing sites as a transformational experience, activating and energizing the ‘light body’, to gain new inspiration and clarity on your soul path.

In this insightful presentation, Anna will share the story of following her soul calling to travel to seven of the Earth’s chakra points in some of the most remote and spiritual locations around the world.

Signed copies of the book SACRED EARTH WISDOM – A Journey of Heart & Soul to the Healing Sites’ will be available at the presentation, or can be purchased through Amazon.

* Statistics – Over a ten year period, visitors to Machu Picchu increased from 523,808 in 2003 to over 1 million visitors in 2013 with 1,177,308 people visiting the site.

Links to Amazon for paperback & e-book –

Anna Watts

anna-watts-wingsAnna Watts is a pilgrim, spiritual healer, sacred birth educator and mother.

Over the past 28 years she has worked with thousands of clients supporting and mentoring them through soul growth and transformation. She is passionate about the chakras and works intensively with these psychic energy centres or ‘wheels of light’ that hold the keys to spiritual awakening.

Her pilgrimage to the earth’s chakras, and meeting with spiritual teachers around the world, has greatly enhanced her understanding of the magical, the mystical, the shamanic and the way indigenous cultures embrace healing as part of daily life.

Anna is an inspiring speaker and teacher. Her Spirit Way workshops in spiritual development, chakra balancing and healing, support others to use their intuitive gifts and healing abilities.

The founder of Celebration of Birth, Anna educates parents, Doulas (birth attendants) and Pre-natal Yoga Teachers in the art of sacred birthing, and also runs women’s circles.

She is co-author of the ‘Birthing the Spirit’ cards & guidebook, providing inspirational guidance for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Baby-moon. Anna sees sacred birthing as pivotal to world peace: “As we birth our babies more consciously, we plant the seeds of wholeness for future generations”.

Anna calls Australia home and lives in the lush hinterland of Byron Bay, Northern New South Wales.



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