April – August 2015: Basic Yoga with Stephanie Bratnick (class series)

Every Tuesday 11:30am-12:45pm 

Cost per class: 100 pesos

yoga heartIf you have never done Yoga, THIS is the perfect class series for you!

Join Stephanie as she gently introduces you to yoga; using props and blankets to gradually allow the body to open. Poses are completely supported, and held for five to ten minutes. The lights are dimmed and students are allowed the space to drift into a calm, serene state, while their bodies release and surrender.

Basic YogaThis yoga class is also an excellent complement to those who live an active lifestyle of walking the San Miguel streets, running, swimming, or other types of more strenuous yoga, or for those simply wishing to participate in a quiet hour of supported, physical meditation. Regardless of your lifestyle, you are sure to leave refreshed, relaxed, and nicely stretched.

DROP-INs welcome! Or, you can also pre-register at stephaniebratnick@gmail.com.

About the teacher
Stephanie first encountered yoga as a required class in university, while she was pursuing her degree in Acting. She quickly fell in love with the combination of strength, grace, flexibility and self-knowledge in her Iyengar classes. Fifteen years later, she is a certified Vinyasa yoga teacher, specializing the mind/body connection. Her classes are full of laughter, joy, personal achievement, and lots of love. She encourages each student to understand their own bodies and strive to reach their personal goals, while remaining relaxed and centered.



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