Archangel Map Basic Reading


The Archangel Map Reading is one of the most powerful means to decode a person’s true destiny and the essential calling of their souls. By connecting directly to the Archangels, you will become clear as to what Archangel Tribe (or Family) each of us belongs to, along with the attributes of our particular family: beginning with personal abilities, our unique perception of the meaning of life, the purpose of being in this world, our values, the way we express love and affection, what will nourish our beings, what our challenges are and also our life lessons. Along with the leading Archangel, a consultant can also learn how many Archangels work directly in his/her lifetime as secondary assistants to address all subjects ranging from personal finances, creativity, work opportunities, inspiration, evolution, relationships and even aspects of our personal health. The basic reading is an introduction to knowing the essential elements of the Archangel Map. The session is recorded and delivered as a Power Point Presentation and MP3 audio.

Archangel session can be alone with Alex or include a massage with Jorge Medina
Duration: 90 minutes (longer if combined with Jorge’s Shiat-Su massage, which is highly recommended)
Price: 2,200 MXN without massage, 2,900 MXN with massage


Alex Slucki and Jorge Medina