Dreamwork Lab – with Carlos Chancellor (ongoing class)

This Class is CANCELLED until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding.

Cost per session: 100 pesos

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, where you are here and now; and the relations with between you and others, and with the universe!

Image by Phoebe Rudomino (2006)Dreams offer us a near perfect mirror of our inner lives and help us to relate to the inner reaches of our souls, while offering us a language by which to view and engage with the world around us beyond the literal, the obvious and the concrete.

This lab offers hands-on group exploration of dreams, their imagery, personages and conflicts through guided techniques such as deep listening, phenomenological description, active imagination and personification. Each individual session will focus on a different angle and approach to engaging and working with the dream. Participants may bring their own dreams or the dreams of others to work on and explore (offering therapists an excellent opportunity to receive a sort of group supervision tailored to the dreams of patients).

Whether you are a therapist seeking further tools, a soul explorer searching for different perspectives or simply curious, all are welcome. What you know when you enter the room is of little importance, all that matters is what has changed when you walk out the door, so no one willing to learn is at a disadvantage.

Please bring writing material, a dream or two, your imagination and a sense of critical exploration. 

Registration: Please register through e-mail: cfchancellor@gmail.com or by mobile phone: (415) 149 5567. Drop-ins are welcome. This course is limited to 12 participants.

Or visit the website at carloschancellor.wix.com/home

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