NEW: Archetypal Mythology Course – with Carlos Chancellor (ongoing class)

Beginning October 16th
Every Thursday, 11am-1pm
Cost per session: 200 pesos

“The latest incarnation of Oedipus, the continued romance of Beauty and the Beast, stand this afternoon on the corner of 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, waiting for the traffic light to change.”
– Joseph Campbell


More than just stories told by our long-dead ancestors in an attempt to explain away the world around them, myths were metaphors that connected the inner souls of a culture with the outer spirit of phenomena, world, the universe and life. Myths speak of the universal and collective struggles of love, birth, death, initiation, despair, arrogance, rapture, etc., and of the primal and universal forces, patterns and stories that underlie our being and existence, thus making them as relevant for us today as they were for the lips that spoke them with sacred reverence so many thousands of years ago.

This course will focus primarily on Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology, its tales, pantheon and personages, while making connections and taking tangents into other mythoi. Most importantly, it will go beyond a simple, cursory, literal and superficial reading of a myth… It will explore its depths and multiplicities, ultimately turning the myth and its energies and forces inward towards an exploration of where these reside within one and how these elemental energies, patterns and stories affect our daily lives. This course will be supported by a guided reading and discussion of seminal works, starting with Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Participants will also be expected to read specific myths and tales pertaining to the class.

Whether you are an academic or storyteller seeking further tools, a soul explorer searching for different perspectives, a lover of a good tale or simply curious, all are welcome. What you know when you enter the room is of no importance, all that matters is what has changed when you walk out the door, so no one willing to learn is at a disadvantage. This course will be ongoing and participants may enter or leave at any time. Please bring writing material, your imagination and a sense of critical exploration. Please leave judgments and preconceived notions at the door. Any questions, comments or for more information please contact Carlos Chancellor directly at either his e-mail: or mobile: (415) 149 5567.

About the facilitator
???????????????????????????????Carlos was born in Mexico, but was raised in the United States and Canada. He is a Jungian/Archetypal Psychotherapist with an emphasis on Mythology and Dreamwork. He received his training from Sven Doehner -a close friend and student of James Hillman-, in the Instituto de Psicología Profunda en México. He is a Somatic Therapist and Educator of the Bodymind Movement Center. He is an Aikido practitioner and instructor. He is a storyteller. He is studying and practicing Spagyric herbalism and Native American medicinal practices. He has worked with sacred plants and ceremonies. He was an International Baccalaureate English Literature and Theory of Knowledge teacher. Carlos integrates all of these various threads into his practices. His motto is: “Questions teach, answers indoctrinate.”

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