Assessing your Ayurvedic Dosha and Creating a Basis for Healthy Living with Shoshana Levinson

Wednesday, January 31st 

6 – 8 pm 

200 Pesos with Pre-registration 

250 Pesos at the Door

Space Limited

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Have you always wondered if a specific diet or exercise routine would benefit you? If so, this class is just what you need!!

Ayurveda, translated as “The Science of Life,” is a 5,000 year old Eastern Indian medical system associated with yoga. In this 2 hour workshop participants will be given a written questionnaire that will determine their Ayurvedic Constitution. This information helps us to know the specific needs of our body and mind so that we can live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. Discussion will include diet, exercise, and herbs to help balance your individual Dosha. The details that you learn in this workshop will give you a tailored and integrative approach to support you, your mind, and your body. There will be plenty of time reserved for questions. All are welcome.

Shoshana Levinson, M.S., CD-N

Shoshana Levinson holds a Masters degree in Biology and Human Nutrition, and is a State of Connecticut Dietitian-Nutritionist. With over 33 years experience in integrative nutrition, wellness programs, and education programs for youth, Shoshana counsels individuals and provides presentations on the many issues concerning food, lifestyle balance, health and disease prevention.

Some of the jobs she has held over the years include Nutrition Educator for the Headstart and WIC Programs, Chairperson for the Windham Community Memorial Hospital Integrative Health Committee, as well as a contributor on the bestselling book by Barry Sears, The Soy Zone. Shoshana has a private practice in Mansfield Connecticut and is available for consultations either in person or by telephone.

 In March of 2008 her CD/Audio Book on permanent weight loss was released entitled: “Mindful Eating – Making Peace with Food.”

Shoshana can be contacted by phone at 860-450- 2200 or email at

Learn more about Shoshana at

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