Breath is Life! – Breathwork, the New Yoga with Robin Sparks – October 2nd

Monday, October 2nd, 2 – 3:30 pm

Cost: 270 MXN


Class size limited to 20 


The Latin root for breathe means to breathe in spirit, to in-spireBreathwork is one of the purest and most effective techniques to release stress and tension, heal and resolve trauma, reach altered states of consciousness and awaken you to your true Being. If you are seeking a more fulfilling way to be on this planet and longing for a soulful path of living, this is the class for you. Discover breathing techniques that have immediate effect and can be incorporated instantly into your daily life, improving your relationship with yourself, others, and the world around you. Many people that have practiced breathwork report that it the most powerful experience of their lives.

Benefits You Will Receive Immediately from Breathwork

  •  Release negative blocks, stress, emotional trauma and confusion
  •  Physical, emotional, and mental detoxification
  •  Release old patterns to make way for the new
  •  Experience an expanded state of consciousness, peace, joy, gratitude, bliss, creativity, and a higher state of knowing
  • Greater self-love and more loving relationships
  • Accelerate your spiritual growth and awaken to your true self, vision and purpose

Breathwork is deeply rooted in spiritual traditions going back to the beginning of time. The mystic Jeru Kabbal, to use but one example, realized in 1930, that when elements of Vipassana meditation were combined with deep rhythmic and consciously connected breath, it could bring people into the experience of Oneness without having to sit in silent meditation for hours a day.

This class will change your life! I promise.

 What the Media is Saying About Breathwork

Robin Sparks

We welcome Robin Sparks to San Miguel de Allende! Certified as a Clarity Breathworker in 2012, she has facilitated Breathe Life Into Your Writing workshops in Turkey and Bali, as well as one-to-one private sessions. Robin has immersed herself in various breathwork modalities including Quantum Breath, Alchemy of Breath, Trauma Release, Holotropic, and Transformational Breathwork. She offers writing and breath workshops in Istanbul, Turkey, Ubud, Bali, and Marin, California.

Sparks, a meditator and yoga practioner for over 20 years, has partaken in hundreds of personal growth workshops and wisdom circles to deepen her spiritual practice. When she first experienced breathwork 5 years ago, she was captivated by how immediately transformational the practice was, and so she signed on to become a trainer. Sparks is also a published writer and blogger at She divides her time between Turkey, California and Bali. She’s currently in Mexico offering breath and writing workshops, and exploring relocating to Mexico in order to be closer to her family in California.


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