Dementia Support Group for Family and Friends


Dr. Pepe Valencia

When dementia strikes a loved one, the effects on family and friends can be absolutely devastating. In many cases it is actually harder on the family and friends then it is on the person suffering from this terrible condition. LifePath Center is proud to support the efforts of Dr. Pepe Valencia, M.D. in providing practical, emotional, procedural and informational support for anyone in our community affected by dementia of a loved one. This dementia support group is provided free of charge as a community service to anyone who needs the professional and peer support this group provides.

Dr. Pepe Valencia

“When a loved one has a dementia problem, the entire family is seriously affected. Alzheimer’s disease is an illness which affects the memory of the patient and the heart of the family.” Dr. Pepe Valencia

During the last 38 years, “Dr. Pepe” has found that supporting the “patient” (by themselves) can result in missing a very important piece of the healing process. He believes that members of the family, friends, and many others are also affected profoundly by this disease.  They all try to help, in the best way they can, but without guidance; many mistakes are made and they often don’t achieve the results they would like.

Doctors can prescribe medicine, a special diet, or even advice regarding safety or how to deal with the patient’s behaviors but these same doctors often don’t put attention on what’s happening with the primary caregiver.

The primary caregiver may face situations and questions such as these:

  • Am I doing what’s right for him/her?
  • How do I decide my priorities: my husband, children or my loved one with Alzheimer’s?
  • What’s happening inside of my loved one’s mind and how can I really help them?
  • I can’t deal with this anymore! What do I do?

…….and many, many more questions and feelings arise.  So, it is necessary to open our hearts, free our thoughts, words, feelings, fears and find a respite and/or an explanation for our concerns. It’s also important to receive guidance on what to do as well as what NOT to do when dealing with this very special condition.

This support group has been created precisely to provide help to all those who are coping with an individual with this kind of illness.

The group will be held every Thursday from 3:00 PM- 4:30 PM starting on November 3rd at LifePath Center. Everyone is welcome free of charge and support donations will be accepted.

Pepe Valencia M.D., a gerontologist and the medical director of Casa Cieneguita has more than 38 years of experience in this field will conduct the group.

For more information, please contact Pepe at or LifePath Center at


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