Energy Healing: Scenar, Homeopathy & Vipassana with Roger Barr

September 27, 2017

5:30 to 7:30 pm

Cost: FREE

Language: English/Español

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A Spanish transcript will be provided for all the talks. Questions and answers will be translated in real-time by my wonderful interpreter, Ratna Dakini Mariana. She also does interpretation for my Spanish speaking clients/patients.

Energy Healing: Scenar, Homeopathy & Vipassana

Are you a “meat machine”? By that I mean, do you think that every aspect of your being is controlled by bio-physico-chemical processes, like a machine? Or is there other intangible living energy involved that explain how you respond to everything in your environment?

Whether you believe the former or the latter, you may be interested to hear how these three energy healing modalities – Scenar, Homeopathy and Vipassana – can be directly experienced in a way that will make any skeptic question their certainty.  Anyone who attends this two hour class can signup for a free 45 minute Scenar session.


A Scenar device can even defibrillate the heart of someone having a heart attack! A couple Scenar devices were approved by the FDA in 2010 as medical devices under the category: “Stimulator, Nerve, Transcutaneous, For Pain Relief” (  But they do so much more than that. They relieve pain initially because they trigger the body to flood the area with neuro-peptides which relieve pain.  And they help the body to regulate the healing process.

SCENAR is an abbreviation for Self Controlled Energy Neuro Adaptive Regulator.  It is a micro-current biofeedback device originally developed for the Soviet Space Program.  They needed a small device that could treat anything in the difficult cramped conditions of space travel.

I will give a short talk on what is known about its history, its usage and how a Scenar galvanizes the healing process.  Then there will be question and answer followed by a break.

Classical/Unicist Homeopathy

In this short talk, I will give my experiences with homeopathy including being cured of malaria in India during an outbreak that killed 10,000 in Nashik district in 1995.  The energetic mechanism by which homeopathy seems to work, will be discussed.  And I will talk about how anyone skeptical of homeopathy can experience for themselves the power of homeopathy. I will explain the uniqueness of classical homeopathy which uses a single remedy to cure the entire mental, emotional and physical state.

Homeopathy has a 200 year well documented worldwide record of effectiveness in severe chronic & acute disease. Homeopathy is difficult to accept because most homeopathic remedies are dilute to the point that none of the original substance remains.  The obvious conclusion is that they must be placebo.  I will explain the many ways that homeopathic remedies differ from placebo.  There is some as yet unexplained energy that accounts for the power of homeopathic remedies.  Homeopathy is under attack these days on the internet and by government health services thinking they can reduce costs by eliminating it.

This talk will also be followed by Q&A and a break.

Vipassana meditation

Through Vipassana, I and many friends, acquaintances and uncounted thousands of others have been relieved of many patterns of mental, emotional and physical dysfunction and addiction.  I will share my personal experiences as a Vipassana meditator for many years, including severe depression of 14 years duration lifting during one retreat, never to return.  So I wish to bring Vipassana meditation to your attention as “energy healing.”  Vipassana meditation is not technically a healing method.  It is a non-sectarian meditation technique that comes from Theravada Buddhist traditions.  But it includes a mental technique that works with the energy patterns of the body.  Calling it a healing method almost devalues it; it really is much more.

In this short talk I will also discuss Vipassana’s history and process.  Learning Vipassana meditation in the tradition I follow requires attending an intensive 10-day retreat.

Herring’s Law

You have a symptom; you do something; now the symptom is gone.  Are you cured or has it just been palliated or suppressed?  How do you know when you are really cured?  Herring’s Law is the meter-stick by which All healing methods must be judged whether it is homeopathy, scenar therapy, aroma therapy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, conventional (allopathic) medicine or any other medical modality.

I will briefly explain Herring’s Law so you can use it to properly understand and manage your healing process.

After these talks I will sign up anyone interested in receiving a free 45 minute Scenar Therapy session.

Roger Barr

Roger Barr has been practicing homeopathy since 1994 and studying it since 1990 with many different schools and teachers. He is currently studying with Paul Herscu at the New England School of Homeopathy. The study of homeopathy is a lifelong process. (  He has worked with three different Scenar devices since 1995 and trained with three different teachers on each of them. He is currently using a Scenar-Cosmodic 735AG made by LET Medical, which is state-of-the-art. He was trained on it in the UK by Vivienne Constad (

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