Essential Transmutation Sessions


This is an original compound of techniques developed by Alex Slucki that have evolved over the course of 20 years. Sessions consist of treatments by both Alex Slucki and Jorge Medina. The Essential Transmutation sessions are recommended when a person is committed to working to de-congest any given subject that is creating stress, chaos, or a feeling of being stuck in subjects that range from health to finances to interpersonal relationships.  It is an “alchemical” work that involves finding what the heart of the matter is through Intuitive Coaching, designing a new Life Contract and bringing it to life by means of creative visualization, breath and the connection to the Higher Self to get rid of old fears, programming, feelings of non-deservedness, doubt and being able to recognize how a person is boycotting his/her own dreams. The session consists of two parts: the Mentoring and the Massage. This is programmed this way to avoid healing crisis (especially in the physical) and to accelerate results in whichever theme is being addressed.

Whoever wishes the Essential Transmutation Experience must commit to AT LEAST FOUR CONSECUTIVE SESSIONS.

Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours
Price per session:  $2,900 MXN (1,000 MXN discount when 4 sessions are paid in full)


Alex Slucki and Jorge Medina