November 24th: Extended Sound Meditation & Overtone Singing Workshop with Billy White

Sunday, November 24th 4-7 pm

Cost: 350 pesos

_DSC1208Join us for an exploration in sound, vibration and ways in which we can heal through listening, breathing, and using the voice and various instruments for well being and meditative awareness

  • Exercises in attentive listening
  • Sitting posture
  • Exercises in breathing
  • Rhythmic movements and drumming
  • Vowel sounds and mantras
  • Producing overtones with the human voice

Please wear comfortable clothing. You may also want to bring an additional cushion or blanket.

About the facilitator

billy whiteBilly White has been a professional musician most for of his life. He is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and recording artist, with over 20 years of study and practice of meditation, yoga, and sound healing. Billy is now working on a series of recordings that utilize various instruments, voice and sound design to increase relaxation and expand awareness and presence.

Most recently, Billy has been exploring the realm of overtone singing, producing 2 or more notes from a single voice, expanding the harmonic spectrum and resonance in the human body, similar to Tuvan throat singers and Tibetan monks.