February 2015: The Bridge of Mindfulness – A Class Series with Ann Barden

February 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th, 10am-12pm
By donation

Mindfulness Bridge

Mindfulness, or Insight, Meditation is that process of paying bare attention to every moment of our meditation experience. We watch sensory experiences and thoughts rise and pass without judging or making stories about them. Almost everyone, even in beginning classes, notices a difference in the way they pay attention (or notices when they don’t pay attention!) in their daily lives when they practice meditation. Daily Life Practice and Meditation Practice have mindfulness in common, acting as a bridge between what we learn when sitting still and what we learn while being more active.

Mindfulness is also sometimes described ad Present Moment Awareness. Now! When we are mindful of that Now, it can feel more spacious and slowed down, creating time for us to look at our reactions. We can see that conditions from the past shaped the experience of the present moment. We also begin to understand how intentions and actions that rise from the present moment can shape the future. Mindfulness is the bridge between the past and the future.

There is no fee for the classes, but there will be an opportunity to offer a gift of generosity in appreciation for the teaching, in the tradition of Buddhism.

This class is open to anyone who has had at least an Introduction to Insight Meditation. Class size is limited to 25 people – please pre-register at bardena@umich.edu.

About Ann Barden 

photo-head shotAnn Barden is a teacher of Vipassana,  (Insight) Meditation.  She has been practicing  and teaching for many years.  Her greatest interest is in the core teachings of the Buddha – suffering, the cause of suffering, and the end of suffering – and how those are experienced in our lives today. She aspires to realize, and teaches in support of the realization of others, the freedom from suffering that is promised in these teachings.
She has taught meditation through the Ann Arbor Adult Education program, in various classes and retreats through Deep Spring Center in Ann Arbor, with Insight Meditation AnnArbor, and at the Meditation Center of San Miguel in Mexico, and at Lifepath with the San Miguel Meditation Community.  She has trained with Barbara Brodsky of Deep Spring Center and with Matthew Flickstein of the Forestway.  She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.