Gentle Yoga with Anabel / Alejandro*

Saturdays 10-11:15 am
Cost per class: 120 pesos 

*Teachers alternate.

yoga_props_small-57A yoga prop is an object that helps stretch, strengthen, relax, or improve the alignment of the body. It helps sustain the practice of asanas for a longer duration, and conserves energy. These props allow asanas to be practiced in a relaxed way, and balance the body and mind actively as well as passively.

The use of props improves blood circulation and breathing capacity. It activates the muscles, tones the body´s organs, and relives undue mental and physical stress or strain. Props help increase flexibility and stamina and, at the same time relax slack and tired muscles. They help to rejuvenate the entire body, without increasing physical fatigue.

Props provide a sense of direction and alignment, and help increase and enhance the understanding of each asana. They serve as a silent instructor. As stress is reduced, anxiety, fears and depression also disappear, helping those under emotional strain cope better with all aspects of their lives.

Ultimately, Yoga with props creates a feeling of peace and tranquility and culminates in a fresh perspective and renewed strength.

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