Go ‘Pro’ – How Probiotics Can Help You Be Happier

by Alicia Wilson Rivero

The risk of not acting far outweighs the risk of acting. – Greg Craven

WARNING: The consumption of probiotics might produce a balanced bio-culture in the bowels, a better functioning digestive system and a sense of physical ease stemming from decreased inflammation throughout the body. In some cases, consuming probiotics on a daily basis might lead to a happier state of being.

The term probiotics applies for foods that are ‘alive’, full of necessary nutrients and microflora known as lactobacilli, which boost the immune function of the body. These elements revitalize the digestive system, because the microflora convert food into nutrients that are more easily absorbed and used by the body. Priobiotics create a gut culture that fights the organisms that harm us.

Raw foods, certain yougurts and fermented foods (such as sauerkraut and kim chee) contain live cultures. If you have taken antibiotics over the past year, or if you use oral contraceptives and/or suffer from general discomfort or disease in your gut, consider including probiotic foods in your daily diet as part of an overall wellness regime.  

For some, happiness is a relative condition. However, I will put my money on the idea that we can satiate ourselves and live more contently when we consciously choose, prepare and enjoy the very substance which is designed to keep us alive and well.

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