Psychic Readings with Heather Prince

Psychic Readings with Heather Prince

From mid-May until late July 2017

Cost: 900 MXN per hour

For appointments and questions, contact Heather at

Heather has recently relocated to San Miguel for a several months stay and is offering psychic readings at LifePath. She has a lifetime of experience in this field being gifted with psychic abilities since birth.

Heather bases her readings on listening to your soul and helps you to discover what your soul really wants you to know and what blocks are preventing you from fulfilling your true potential. She calls this, “your true life question”; You may know the question but normally it is unknown. With her psychic abilities, she looks for and finds the question, it may come in symbols, or she may “see”; it or hear it. When you have the information that your soul is asking to be revealed to you, she then proceeds to the next stage of the reading. This stage is to discover what steps you are being asked to take to move through the blockages. Heather often refers to the Universal Love Healing Oracle Cards at this point for they are closely aligned with Heather’s work, as well as being beautiful and elucidating. After these two stages are complete, there is time for any questions you may have. It is truly powerful and life changing.

Heather Prince

Heather Prince M.F.Phys. wears many hats in addition to be a psychic. In addition to being a keynote speaker, artist and writer, she is an innovator in the field of horticultural/nature/Ecotherapy and has worked for over 25 years with adults and children with developmental and learning disabilities, youth at risk, addicts, seniors and those with a wide range of skills. She also founded and developed a healing center in Saskatchewan, Canada. While in Sedona, AZ, she was a retreat coordinator, psychic reader and tour guide with an international clientele. At present, Heather is loving sharing her psychic abilities with others as a means of service.


“Heather is a highly skilled and experienced clairvoyant intuitive reader. Her readings have a depth that stay with you, continuing to unfold within a remarkably healing and illuminating way. Her readings are a priceless gift to yourself.” -Dr. Jewels Maloney, professor Atlantic University

“Having experienced Heather’s readings, and also witnessed her impact on others, I see her as a gifted and highly intuitive psychic. The most striking element of her readings are powerful images that connect and remain with the receiver. They act as time-release capsules which transform over extended periods of time. A reading with Heather, though significant in t he moment, continues to work it’s magic long after the reading is over, and this is her true magic.” -Robin Weeks Ph.D.¬† M.A. Director of Osher Long Life Learning Institute, Yavapai College


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