July 2016: Tibetan Healing Yoga 2016 North American Teacher Training

Facilitated by Farrah Garan (Certified Lu Jong Teacher and Educator)

Friday, July 22 – Sunday, July 31


buddha_painting(NOTE: The completion of this training will take place at the Certification in Seattle, WA, USA October 9 – 13,2016.)

Rooted in Tibetan Medicine, Lu Jong is an ancient practice from the Tantrayana Buddhist tradition developed for self-healing. This comprehensive series of 21 movements releases blockages on the physical, mental and energetic levels. It is a very practical and accessible method for boosting health and happiness, and also leads to profound spiritual benefits. Our body is a powerful vehicle of self-transformation. By opening the body in the right ways, we cultivate not only physical vibrancy and mental functionality, but also the qualities revered on the spiritual path.

Combining rhythmic movements with smooth breathing, Lu Jong systematically applies gentle pressure to points on the subtle body channels, training them to be more open and reestablishing the free flow of the blood, breath and energy. The movements gently nurture the spine, the root of our health, and balance the five elements in body and mind. Subsequent movements focus on improving joint mobility, organ function and common imbalances, such as poor digestion, the senses and depression.

At the conclusion of this Teacher Training, you will be able to confidently and effectively teach Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga. You will be intimately familiar with all movements of the Lu Jong Level 1 practice, including the Five Elements Movements, Five Musculoskeletal Movements, Five Vital Organ Movements and Six Common Conditions Movements. You will be able to make modifications based on individual students’ needs. You will be able to explain the benefits of Lu Jong from the view of Tibetan Medicine and Tantrayana Buddhism and offer additional breathwork and meditation practices to your students. You will know Tulku Lobsang, the pioneer of this ancient practice in the West. You will become part of the Nangten Menlang International community. And, most importantly, you will be able to go into your own communities and offer something that will bring great benefit!


Full Program, all-inclusive: 3,490 USD
All Teachings (Session 1, Session 2, Certification Days)
All accommodations and meals in both San Miguel de Allende and Seattle
All organizational materials and support

Full Program, no accommodations in San Miguel de Allende, but including meals: 2,600 USD
All Teachings (Session 1, Session 2, Certification Days)
All accommodations and meals at Session 2 and Certification only
Most meals with the group at LifePath
All organizational materials and support

Other situations are possible, including doing the certification in Germany instead of in the US. Please contact farrah@lujong.org for complete details.

Farrah_Meditation PositionAbout the Facilitator
Farrah Garan teaches Tibetan healing movement practices that empower us to cultivate a calm mind, vibrant energy and an open heart, including Lu Jong Healing Yoga, Tog Chöd Sword Dance, and Tsa Lung Breathwork. She received the Tantrayana tradition from her teacher, Tulku Lobsang. She has worked closely with Tulku Lobsang since 2002, as a student, chairwoman of the US branch of his organization, the North American Tour Coordinator, and as an employee of Nangten Menlang International. She is editorial journalist for the books and manuals and has been integral in developing the Lu Jong Teacher Certification program and curriculum. Farrah is currently the only person qualified to build Lu Jong teachers in North America. She offers teacher trainings so that many more people can benefit from these practical methods. Contact her at farrah@lujong.org.


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