Life Coaching & Certified Retirement Coaching

Intense, one-on-one sessions of a coaching technique designed to improve clients’ lives, dramatically and permanently. This unique approach is enriched by the coach’s training in polarity therapy, visual thinking, and spirituality. This coaching process is designed to delve profoundly into the client’s deepest wishes, and then to harness the commitment, energy and creativity necessary to bring them into reality. Coaching that is solutions-focused and results-oriented. Step by step, the Life Coach helps his clients create the lives of their dreams.

Another specialty is working with people who are retired or are considering retirement. When most people think about retirement they only consider planning for their financial futures but there are many other success factors involved, such as work reorientation, health perception, adaptability, directedness, attitude about aging and replacement of work functions, just to name a few .  The goal of a Retirement Coaching process is to help people plan for a future that is meaningful and vibrant in the years they are retired.  The Retirement Coach helps his clients set goals and create action plans for fulfillment of their life purpose in their retirement years.

Cost per session (1 hr): 650 pesos

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