Sitting at the Edge – For Experienced Meditators with Ann Barden

It can be useful to ask oneself, “What’s at the edge of my practice?” By this is meant looking at one’s inner experience and asking what is present in the heart/mind in this week, this day, this hour, this moment. There may be pain or pleasure, confusion or ease, joy or sadness. The practice of Mindfulness accepts it all and leads us to look deeply and carefully, without judgment. When we are able to do this, insights arise. 

This circle of experienced meditators gathers in support of each others’ practices. We may choose to speak of what is arising at the edge of practice, or not to speak. Sometimes, finding the words to speak brings its own clarity and kindness to the mind. 

We begin each gathering by sitting together in silence for 30 minutes. This is followed by an opportunity to share and to listen. We will learn from each other as spiritual friends. 

People may attend each week as they are able, there is no need to register. There is no fee for the gathering, but there will be an opportunity each week to make a donation. 

For questions, email Ann at


Tuesdays from 10:30 am – 12 pm (December 3rd – April 28th)

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