Meditation Basics: An Introduction To The Higher Self

A workshop led by Steve Berry

Friday May 23rd, 4-6:30 pm
Cost: 200 pesos



All of us know what a joyful and expansive practice meditation can be, and yet we sometimes go through times where our practice becomes a little dry.  Whether you are a lifetime meditator or a beginner, the art and science of meditation can be reinvigorated by looking at the basic principles of meditation and energy.
In this class we will explore seemingly simple questions, with simple and yet profound answers that will help get us on the right track in our meditation practice.  Questions like…What is prana?   What is the breath, and how does it relate to our thoughts?  What are the goals of a healthy and successful practice of meditation?  We will also learn some simple techniques to help feel the prana and extend the breath to guide us into a deeper and more meaningful practice of meditation, and look at simple ways to open our practice through the use of sound.
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About the facilitator
Steve Berry has been interested since childhood in meditation and SteveBerry the art and science of yoga.  That journey deepened about twelve years ago when Steve moved into an ashram full time to dedicate his life to the study of yoga and meditation.  Since then Steve has spent nine years in India, in close association with the great yoga teacher Swami Kriyananda, who was one of the last living direct disciples of the great Indian yoga master Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi.
In 2008 Swami Kriyananda asked Steve and a group of young men to start a meditation center in the city of Kolkata, and thus Ananda Kolkata was born.  Since then Steve has shared the teachings of yoga and meditation all over India, as well as in Italy and America, but especially in Kolkata where he now lives and serves full time as the head teacher and director of Ananda Kolkata.  For more information about Ananda Kolkata, please see our website at​