Awakening to Pure Awareness: Non-Dual Meditation with Phil Roger

Awakening to Pure Awareness:

Non-Dual Meditation with Phil Roger

Fridays from 11 am to 1 pm 

Suggested Donation: 100 pesos

Non-Dual Meditation

Gently guided meditation, contemplation of wisdom teachings and commentary combined with heart centered discussion help us explore the ultimate questions of our existence. These wisdom teachings take us to the edge of the conceptual mind leaving us no option but to jump into the emptiness of pure awareness, into the vast ocean of source consciousness. The focus of the class is not only on meditation but also on the process of releasing the obstacles to our awakening. This is the end of seeking, the prodigal essence returning home to it’s source.

Phil Roger

Phil Roger has been following his spiritual path for fifty years. His journey has taken him through Vedanta, Taoism, Mystical Christianity, Jung, Native American spirituality and most recently into the mysteries of Vajrayana Buddhism. He has often been a teacher in most of these. He is now exploring a very clear and direct path to awakening, free of the complexities of traditional approaches. Phil lives in San Miguel full time, exploring the spiritual nature of various art forms and the celebration of creativity.


Suggested donation of 100 pesos


To register, email Phil at or call him at 044 415 101 0062.


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