Myth, Mind, and Mexico with Marc Taylor, MA, Ed.S., LPC

Myth, Mind and Mexico with Marc Taylor, MA, Ed.S., LPC

2 session series on April 11th and 12th, 2017 from 1 to 2 pm

Cost: 100 pesos per session 

Registration: email Marc at or call him at 044.415.153.0402

Marc Taylor will present two programs from the Myth, Mind and Mexico series at LifePath on April 11 and 12 at 1:00pm. The two programs are titled “Land Without Love?” and “Of Rabbits, Eggs and the Blood of Christ”. Both programs are central to the Semana Santa experience in Mexico. “Land Without Love?” addresses the phenomenon of Mexico’s rapid and complete conversion to Catholicism and why Mexico is described as the most uniquely Catholic country in the world. “Of Rabbits, Eggs and the Blood of Christ” addresses the central symbols of the Easter season, how they are relevant in Mexican Mythology and why Jesus bleeds more in Mexico than in any other country.

Understanding the mythology of pre-columbian meso-america gives us deep insight into the nature, meaning and purpose of current life in Mexico. This living mythology also challenges stereotypical notions of the Mexican experience. San Miguel, especially during Holy Week, invites us to partake in the profound expression of the sacred rituals that have dated back thousands of years.

These two lectures offer a way to engage the sacred from a more informed point of view. The presentations are thoroughly researched, interactive and highly visual. The ideas presented are thoughtful and thought provoking, One might even say they challenge us to see differently.

  1. Land Without Love: This session explores the introduction of the myth surrounding Jesus into the archetypal landscapes of Mexican mythology. Why and how did the image of Jesus become so central in daily practice of Mexico. The story of Virgin of Guadalupe is presented as the embodiment of feminine consciousness.
  2. Of Rabbits, Eggs and the Blood of Christ: Soon Easter will be here. This is experienced superficially as purely a Christian story that unpins the faith. Yet, just below the surface is a confluence of myth and Mexico’s 500 year domination by Spain. The question “Why does Jesus bleed more in Mexico than anywhere in the world has been asked. Blood belongs to the gods.

Marc Taylor, MA, Ed.S., LPC

Marc practices therapy founded in the understanding that a therapeutic relationship is grounded in unconditional positive regard, the sacred trust of confidentiality and a fundamental belief that we are all on a path to health and well-being. He brings to LifePath his 40 years of service to the growth and healing of individuals, organizations and communities. Marc earned his Bachelor Degree from Madison College. He earned a Certificate in Rehabilitation Counseling at St. John’s University. He earned a Master of Arts degree in Psychology and the Educational Specialist degree from James Madison University where he also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Marc taught Counseling Theory and Techniques and wrote and taught a special course in Counseling with Men at James Madison University. Most recently he provided therapeutic services at a clinic serving the homeless in Richmond, Virginia as well as operating private practice.


100 pesos per session


To register, email Marc at or call him at 044.415.153.0402.