Nature Therapy

Screen-shot-2011-10-08-at-10.16.57-PMIllness does not exist, but an ill person. A disease is a product of a complex imbalance of the human being, such as physical, moral, emotional, spiritual or collective. Instead of focusing on the disease, Sabina focuses on the human being as whole person, looking for relief and cure through:

    • Chromotherapy – colors in nutrition.
    • Fitotherapy – natural medicine based on plants.
    • Iridology – gives the opportunity to find the disease or corporal defects, emotions in imbalance and others. In many cases it might be possible to find an illness before its physical manifestation. It is possible to see if a problem is an actual or inherited one.
    • Energy – balance of energy flow through Reiki.
    • Nutrition – recognize which is the correct nutritional conduct with help of blood type nutrition or polarity.
    • Exercise orientation.
    • Essences – which can tranquilize or revitalize the being.
    • Naturism – going back to a natural state of a human being, liberating ourselves from all the artificial which surrounds us. Recognize the rhythm of our own being as well as the rhythm of our planet and universe. Realize that nature is perfect.
    • Bach Flowers – flower essences working with your emotions and in the same step your physical problems.
    • Trace elements (minerals) – because of an incorrect nutrition, the body may have a lack of minerals. Correcting this state of lack, many diseases may be cured.
    • Bioenergy – recognizing that we are energy and every being is unique but at the same time connected with the universe. In a state of imbalance we look for the weak element, creating a balance with the elements giving to us by our planet.

For the complexity of nature therapy, time and studies are necessary. It is recommended to take two sessions, each one approximately three hours, unless you have the patience, to make it as one long session. Regarding each case, other sessions might be needed for a follow up, control of progress and/or change of treatments.

6 session package (each session lasting 1 hr)  1200 Pesos
Follow up session 400 Pesos

Iris Diagnostic only (Approximate duration 1 hr) 600 Pesos
Nutrition advice only –  price and duration of session depends on the program chosen by patient

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