Shiat-Su Plus Massage


Shiat-Su Plus has been developed by Jorge Medina as unique method, which combines the traditional Shiat-Su but is adapted to a massage table to work with several techniques combined as deemed appropriate according to the client’s needs. Shiat-Su uses soft accu-pressure in the energy channels of the entire body, which nurture wellbeing to the different and most important areas that have to do with our internal organs. Shiat-Su works to relieve stress, pain and ailments by reestablishing the flow in each channel, whether it be energy for the heart, lungs, liver, bladder, colon etc and the Plus aspect of this work is Jorge’s ability to “read” the client’s body and adapt his technique to that particular body’s need. The session involves a brief interview with the client to be clear about his/her special needs. We ask of every client to bring light fabric clothing such as cotton (pajama-like or sweat pants and t-shirt is ideal, with light colors and avoid rough fabrics such as jeans and dark colors, mainly black or very dark grey).

Duration: 75 to 90 minutes according to need
Price: 900 MXN


Jorge Medina