SPIRITPATH TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING – Shamanic Journeying from Wounded Healer to Active Creator of the New World with Liz Randol

WE ARE ONE LOVE, ONE HEART – and each one of us affects consciousness as a whole. Our Spirit Guides, the Animal World and Nature are asking us to step up now and take our place.

It’s time for the Aquarian Age– and Nature needs YOU for the Shift to happen.

Come and see what you can do to help the Shift along. Hear about this new/old form of Deep Healing work.

This work sets you free from mental limitations. It is an individual retreat that takes a week but lasts a lifetime. It sends out ripple effects to everyone in your sphere- and to the entire Planet. Anything that has kept us stuck in the past, in fear, scarcity, anger, pain.. can now easily be transformed… can be re -examined/re- imagined/re- integrated in new ways that are empowering and energizing. Our old constructs, conditioning, traumas, belief systems are demanding to be released—at the cellular level—so we may move into our power—and finally live as Free Human Beings.

 The journey we took was transformative. It was what I needed to reconnect with a part of myself that was lost. Walking at night in the past month I have seen two owls and two shooting stars…the Goddess is speaking and I am listening. – Becca, Therapist, Olympia.

Liz Randol

Liz is trained in transformational psychology and alternative techniques for clearing at the cellular level (acupressure, breathwork and cranio sacral techniques) in California, New Mexico, Costa Rica and Hawaii. She has been doing this unique form of shamanic healing for over thirty years internationally.



Saturday, December 22nd, 4 to 6 pm

Suggested Donation 150 MXN