Thai Massage

26 estiro pantorrilla

Thai Massage is a deep body work that helps restore our vital energy and re-balance our physical, mental and emotional aspects. The techniques used are pressure and stretching.

65 estiramiento espaldaIts origins lie in India, from where it incorporated posture and passive stretching resembling yoga movements, that allow us to regain flexibility and reach a very deep state of relaxation. Thai Massage was also influenced by traditional Chinese medicine and integrated principles of acupuncture with energy points and pressures in several key areas of the body.

This Massage has considerable preventive and therapeutic benefits. When received on a regular basis, it produces a clear improvement of the nervous , respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and immune systems; it relaxes areas of tension throughout the body; raises the level of energy; increases flexibility, and releases energy and physical blocks.

1 session (duration: 1hr): 650 pesos
1 long session (duration: 1hr15min-2hrs): 800 pesos

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