The Hero’s Journey Retreat

An Inner Adventure into Authentic Selfhood

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so we can accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

The Hero’s Journey Retreat is an exciting process of personal transformation offered at the LifePath Retreat Center in fabulous San Miguel de Allende. Here, amidst the splendors of an 18th Century Spanish Colonial mountain town (voted the #1 city in the world, by Condé Nast Traveller in 2013), individual, group, or couples participants are guided through a dynamic process of deep reflection, inner discovery, and personal reinvention. All Hero’s Journey participants will have ample time for bodywork and massage, healing sessions with LifePath practitioners, contemplation, and daily exploration of San Miguel.


  • Retrace your life’s history to identify old patterns and assumptions that need your attention
  • Understand what has been holding you back from the fullest expression of yourself
  • Go beyond doubt, fear, and procrastination
  • Let go of old, self-limiting stories that interfere with your heart’s desire
  • Design the kind of life you have always imagined for yourself
  • Create a personal game plan to actualize the insights and commitments you experienced on retreat

Facilitated by Psychologist/Founder of LifePath Center, Dr. Beverly Nelson, and Therapist, Michael Bartlett, The Hero’s Journey Retreat blends ancient and contemporary wisdom, using a time-tested model for meaningful and sustainable personal growth.

Recent Testimonials:

“The retreat was a wonderfully eye opening experience! I went to the retreat thinking it was going to be a tune-up, or polishing for my emotional/spiritual self. “Much to my surprise, it was so much more than that! With the guidance of the facilitators, I entered the sacred space of the Hero’s Journey and found a new me that was wanting to be seen and heard. I now have the tools, new friendships/allies to continue my journey for life!”  – Denise Swensen

“I was questioning how to move forward and reinvent my life. The facilitators helped me see where I was standing in my own way and gave me the tools and insights I was missing. The interaction and insight from the other group members was a huge part of my journey, as well. I am grateful for the connections I made at LifePath and look forward to returning.” – Kathy Wise

“I have lived my life building and hiding behind my “brick” wall and thought I had a pretty strong foundation. Then I met the facilitators and my new allies. Each of them, in their own caring way, helped me identify and eliminate my barriers; and, to experience “intimacy” beyond my wall. No matter how bad it was growing up or life currently is, the possibility of change and growth is out there. You just need to open your eyes and be willing to do the work. I am grateful I opened my eyes and had the courage to start my journey.” Eric S.

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