Upgrade Your Retirement: The 5 Step Toolkit to Defuse Anxiety and Increase Joy – with Paul Carter

September 23, 2017, 3 – 5 pm

Cost: Free

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Class size limited to 15

More Info:paulc@gorefire.com 


The first few months or your retirement were euphoric. . . You couldn’t believe the freedom it afforded you. Slowly, your attitude changed. You started to feel lost, and began searching for a new way to engage with life and make a difference. You are considering a number of opportunities, and you hope to find one that feels right. Or maybe you are looking forward to future retirement, but worry that you do not have enough money to make it work.

Paul Carter has watched many people on the retirement path encounter these same challenges. Using his life-long interest in engineering and spirituality (not often seen together), Carter accumulated a short term toolkit to deal with these challenges more efficiently. He also developed a long term structure to find new meaning and purpose in retirement. He is passionate about sharing this toolkit and this structure, saving people from having to reinvent the wheel as they shape their years ahead according to their deepest promptings. During the program “Upgrade Your Retirement” Carter will introduce what he calls “The 5 Step Toolkit to Defuse Anxiety and Increase Joy.” This is the same system he has used to jump start traveling the world (or not, as he chooses) – and to live a meaningful, purposeful life.

Attendees learn:

  • Carter’s toolkit to turn worry into effective action – this works like magic and NOT knowing it could cost you thousands of dollars each month!
  • An overview of his proven step-by-step structure for creating a value-rich retirement that lets participants follow their heart’s desire and live a meaningful life to the end of their days.
  • The #1 thing people should focus on in order to get BIG satisfaction from retirement (there are many successful retirees who STILL don’t know this!)
  • And more.

“I can’t tell you how many of my students have told me my toolkit was the missing piece in their retirement planning,” Carter said.” And once they started following my proven step-by-step structure, they were able to go from from unconscious to purposeful living, without going through the years of struggle like I did.”

Attendees will be offered discounts for Carter’s upcoming six session online program “The reFirement Map: How to Navigate the 5 Most Common Challenges to Find Meaning, Purpose, and Joy in Retirement.”

Paul Carter

Paul Carter started his career as an ordained American Baptist Minister. He eventually realized that his true calling was mentoring people to take their retirement to a new level in spirit (not necessarily religious). He calls this reFirement. His interest in engineering from a very young age taught him the paradox that structure brings freedom. So he created “The reFirement Map” a practical guide to uplevel one’s retirement. He now shares this with his clients.

He publishes reFirement tips on his blog. He recently published a series of videos on “Pura Vida,” – interviews with native Costa Ricans and Costa Rica expats on what gives meaning to their lives – www.GoRefire.com/pura-vida/. He speaks, consults, and mentors in-person and via the web. His new online training “5 Secrets to Upgrade Your Retirement” starts in October, 2017.


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